Maggie Cadigan Managing Director Boston


Managing Director, Growth

My Comfort Zone:
As the Managing Director of Growth, I’m part of the Executive Leadership Team. My comfort zone is hustling to bring on and cultivate new, collaborative partnerships and pursuing organic growth opportunities with our current partners, while also overseeing the marketing and communications efforts for the agency.

How I’m Challenging It:
As part of The Many for over seven years now, I’ve had quite a few opportunities to challenge my comfort zone and push myself to new limits daily—one reason I love it here so much! Currently, I am challenging my comfort zone by balancing my innate hustle for growth with the focus of building a stronger version of The Many that best benefits our people, the quality of our work, and our current partners that we work hard to retain.

Todd Lombardo


Managing Director, Excellence

My Comfort Zone:
As Managing Director, Excellence, I’m responsible for a sharp understanding of client needs, delivering excellence, and exceeding expectations.

How I’m Challenging It:
My goal is to always be uncomfortable. It is only then that I know I’m moving the world forward in the way that The Many, and our clients, need us to. So every day, I push a little further. It is in these moments that each of us grows, learns, and achieves greatness.


Head of Brand

My Comfort Zone:
As Head of Brand, I lead with both passion and transparency. I’m a trusted advisor who provides both vision and focus, ensuring the team is consistently set-up for success so we can move the needle and challenge comfortable together.

How I’m Challenging It:
I’m naturally curious and love getting to the why’s. I hold myself accountable for both business outcomes and impact and continually push myself to find new opportunities when creative problem solving. I’m incredibly grateful to partner with a team that rallies around shared values, making it possible to push against the status quo.


Managing Director, People

My Comfort Zone:
Seeing, nurturing and unlocking the personal and professional potential of people. My comfort zone is facilitating a team culture that holds and supports difference, is inclusive and fair, and empowers people to do the best work of their lives.

How I’m Challenging It:
By focusing on the opportunity over the limitation. In our work we are faced with constant disruption and change. Navigating that well requires an openness to the perspectives, conversations and ways of working that move us forward. This is not always comfortable but it’s how and where we grow.


Managing Director, Finance & Business Affairs

My Comfort Zone:
As the Managing Director of Finance & Business Affairs at The Many, I take a vision and make it a reality through sound strategy development and carefully nurtured relationships. I intuitively see threads of opportunity within an organization, join them as a coherent whole, help others extend their thinking, and drive material business advantage.

How I’m Challenging It:
As a thoughtful leader who tells stories that inspire action while also grounded in financial information that levers the business, I am constantly pushing myself to challenge conventional wisdom. As we continue to evolve as an agency of The Many, we are solving problems that have never been solved for: inspiring teams in a hybrid work environment and how we put processes in place to inspire creativity and foster innovation.


Head of Strategy

My Comfort Zone:
As Head of Strategy, I give our clients a competitive advantage by gaining a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding their brand, identifying golden opportunities, and then seizing those opportunities with confidence. I seek to illuminate so everyone can dazzle.

How I’m Challenging It:
I ask questions. I listen. I notice. I gather up the goods and share the most interesting bits. I deliver thinking that’s insightful and provocative — yet actually useful. I have zero patience for strategic pretense, waxing philosophical, or strategic sleights-of-hand. At the end of the day, we’re all just people searching for ways to connect with other people. It’s okay to be and sound human.