Did you see the story about the super inappropriate Ernst & Young training presentation that was leaked a couple of weeks ago by Huff Post? As reported, “the message of the training seminar was “fix the women.” Gasp!

In response, one of our associate creative directors at The Many, Kristen Giuliano, and her friend and senior copywriter at Huge, Sarah Holcombe, created this handy A-Z guide, a satirical outline of the out-of-touch advice in the 55-page Power-Presence-Purpose presentation. The passion project raises awareness about how out-of-touch companies can be even today as they engage with women in the workplace.

“It’s shocking that even during the height of #metoo and #timesup, a large professional services firm, whose own tagline is ‘building a better working world’ thought it was okay to give this training,” said Kristen Giuliano, associate creative director at The Many. “It’s a reminder that although these movements have made headlines and encouraged conversation, there is more work to be done.”

Read the full piece on LBB and view the A-Z guide here.

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