This Spring, Mistress is proud to spotlight our work for entertainment giant, STARZ, and the unique campaigns created to build the brand’s word-of-mouth buzz, publicity, and social footprint.

While STARZ offers subscribers thousands of television episodes and feature films each year, much of the online world was used to engaging with its shows and entertainment properties, rather than with the brand. In an attempt to reinvigorate the conversations around STARZ itself, the company asked Mistress to unite the brand’s voice across all social media channels, making STARZ a brand people want to engage with.

Driving the new campaign was the idea of obsession, especially given STARZ’s huge fan base that’s always left craving more content. Partnering with Mistress, our strategy, creative, and social media teams were tasked with creating compelling, “obsessable” custom concepts, to drive engagement and increase conversations on social media and in real life. Over the course of four months, Mistress developed timely content to not only complement STARZ’s existing social media efforts, but to also embrace a zeitgeist that drove engagement, sharing, and participation, around what the audiences’ are obsessed with. Through a mix of stunts and activations, cultural moments, evergreen content, and fandom celebration, Mistress brought STARZ back to center stage.

Check out some highlights below.


We've just found the perfect gift for your man this holiday season.

Posted by STARZ on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Actually, make that ten.

Posted by STARZ on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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