In honor of what would have been David Bowie’s 72nd birthday, Mistress’s in-house production company, Bastard Productions, and Music Video Night release a short documentary film chronicling Mick Rock’s work producing and directing Bowie’s famous Ziggy Stardust music videos. Premiering on Office Magazine, the film discussed Mick’s philosophy on photography and today’s media, and some very personal thoughts on friendships.

The film begins with an intimate chat between Mick and Bastard Executive Producer Dave Horowitz during a car ride from Mick’s home to the Brooklyn Museum. Taking place during the museum’s 2018 “David Bowie Is” exhibition, Mick takes the stage with Music Video Night host Gregg Kaysen. In front of a live audience, their conversation moves through the screen in black and white, juxtaposed with vibrant footage from some of Bowie’s most iconic music videos like “John I’m Only Dancing,” “The Jean Genie,” “Space Oddity” and “Life on Mars?” The film captures a candid conversation with the photographer about how these videos came to life in the early 70’s, weaving an interesting tale of the simple production elements that went into making some of Bowie’s most memorable videos of all time.

“This was a fun evening at the Brooklyn Museum, during the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition. I have done a number of videos over the years for various artists, but none have proven to be as durable as this quartet,” says Mick Rock. “They were all produced for minimal budgets. They really had no outlets in 1972 and 1973. But David and I wanted to make them, so we grabbed what monies we could and went ahead. I’m glad we did!”

The film was a passion project between Bastard and Music Video Night. Most well-known for its work as a commercial production company, Bastard’s has worked with brands like NOS, Spindrift, VH1, E!, Hot Wheels and Los Angeles Tourism. Music Video night was created by Kaysen himself and is a series of live Q&A events with notable music video directors, most of which are deeply rooted in hip hop.

Watch the video below or read more in shots.

Host | Gregg Kaysen
Production Company | Bastard Productions & theburbslife
Director | Dave Horowitz
DP | Gates Bradley
Secondary Camera | Damien Paris
Sound | Sacha Zuckerman
Editorial | D. Horowitz, Kendra Elliott, Drew Morris
Color | Ntropic

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