Each week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium – which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favorites.  This week, Mistress’s Spanish creative duo, Alfredo Adan Roses and Alberto Portas, have been selected to judge the Bestads’ Six of the Best.

Hailing from Spain, Alfredo, an art director, and Alberto, a copy writer, launched their creative and professional partnership at the Vidal Partnership in New York where they started as interns after attending the Miami Ad School in Madrid and Brooklyn. They were later hired as a creative team by La Despensa and Lola, both in Madrid.

See their six picks below and check out the full write up on Bestads.

Favorite: Cadbury ‘Mum’s Birthday‘. Good emotional commercials always work and this one is great proof of it. Everybody can feel related with this story and that’s what great insights do. Sweet like chocolate, this campaign positions Cadbury in everybody’s hearts.

Runner up: Skittles. How to be present in the Super Bowl without being a Super Bowl sponsor is a classic brief and Skittles did it pretty well with this campaign. We personally love Skittles’ weirdness, so that’s a plus for us.

Favorite: WOW Photos. We like the insight here and the simplicity when showing the benefit of your product. Visual, easy to get and to the point. A good print ad.

Runner up: Mills Charters ‘Serious Fishing‘. Very visual print with a funny twist and a good tagline. If we were fishing lovers, we would go for this brand.

Favorite: Nissan #SheDrives. Campaigns that tear down barriers and make cultures move forward will always have our respect. This is a great example of how a brand can go beyond advertising in a simple way.

Runner up: ANGFA ‘The Washable Book‘. The Washable Book is an effective, simple and smart idea. We really love how this campaign turns a simple product into a useful tool for kids and parents. With this book, kids are able to have fun while learning and that’s where the strength of this campaign resides. Some adults would need one of these books too.

Favorite: Google Art. So simple that it’s impossible not to do it. This idea makes people have a different approach to art; learning something along the way and creating sharable content for social media. We’re sure this simple idea increased the number of downloads for Google Art in a massive way. It worked with us.

Runner up: McDonald’s. This is pure happiness for children all over the world. Now you can have proof of Santa’s arrival to your house! Are you kidding? We wish our parents would have had this when we were 9 years old. A great way to feed children’s imagination.

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