Fashion ads can serve as great inspiration for designers and creatives through their rich style and bold imagery. Notable fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Fear of God, and Balenciaga, inspire readers to apply this VIS ID not only to their own wardrobe and personal style, but also to their art direction.

In this Campaign feature, our stylish Associate Director of Design, Jorge Andrade, reviews high fashion ads through his keen eye in design alongside the likes of chief creative officers from Grey and Droga5 London and CEO of Red Ant Asia Hong Kong.

Jorge’s stylistic approach serves him well as he applies the same thinking towards rebranding and visually elevating brands like American Apparel, IMAX, Chambord, Snacknation, T3 Micro and more.

Check out the full story here and learn first-hand why Jorge is one of The Many’s resident fashion experts.

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