What does one of Finland’s most popular vodkas and The Many have in common? The distillation to greatness.

Koskenkorva is a classic vodka that’s made in a village as honest and true as it is. Using some of nature’s finest ingredients—good local barley and pure local spring water—a continuous distillation process results in one of the smoothest, purest vodkas in the world.

Not only that, Koskenkorva believes in sustainability too, and goes so far as to recycle 99% of its waste, something that’s won them a Green Spirit Award for their efforts in 2018.

So when we were presented with the opportunity to help the Finnish brand launch in the United States, we couldn’t have been more excited or more prepared given our experience launching Mixwell. Starting with bartenders, The Many is crafting Koskenkorva’s US launch strategy, positioning, and key messaging, to drive an on-premise program that focuses on sustainability.

Next time you find yourself at a bar, be sure to ask your mixologist for the good stuff, pronounced cos-ken-core-va in English. You’ll “kiitos” us later!

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