With the conclusion of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), we’re proud to announce that we’ve been tapped by Ubisoft to help launch the latest game in its Tom Clancy franchise Ghost Recon Breakpoint. With a social activation that deployed the game’s new villain Cole D. Walker to engage the gaming community, we channeled Walker’s position as the game’s most advanced, most dangerous, and most unexpected Ghost hunter the game’s players have ever had to face.

To build hype for the game—which is slated to launch publicly this fall—we took over the video game giant’s social media channels to troll fans, celebrities, press and other brands alike. At an event like E3, where gamers are inundated with more updates than they can handle, we cut through the clutter, by staging a @GhostRecon Twitter hijack, featuring Walker and a pack of former Ghosts following his every order. Commandeering control of Ubisoft’s social media handles to wreak havoc in the Twitterverse and beyond, we responded to nearly 100 tweets, generating 246,078 organic impressions and 16,274 engagements with a 6.61% average engagement rate…in just two hours. More importantly, we created dozens of one-on-one engagements with some of Ghost Recon’s most passionate fans.

As the first installment of our second partnership with Ubisoft, #WalkerTakeover gives Ghost Recon fans a tease of what’s to come this fall. See some highlights below.

Prior to Breakpoint, the Ubisoft team tapped The Many (then Mistress) for the launch of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, where we made an explosive splash at Comic-Con with a pirate ship and a few fully-functioning naval cannons.




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