As an out and proud member of the LGBT community, The Many’s Managing Director of Brand and Social, Todd Lombardo, is passionate about the LGBTQ+ voice in modern culture, especially how the Internet has connected an entire generation of gay youth by giving them ways to find each other.

“I was a 13-year-old seventh grader who didn’t know anything about anything, except that I knew I was different from my fellow junior high schoolers. I turned to the left and right and couldn’t find anybody like me, no boys attracted to other boys. I was alone.”

Todd shares his experience in an op-ed, “How Modern Digital Media Is Saving Today’s Gay Youth,” and his thoughts on how today’s youth has the ability to connect and find a sense of belonging.

“Today’s seventh grader has the chance at something I never did: He or she can google “Am I gay?” and get almost 1 billion results. They can peruse 9 million #GayPride posts on Instagram or watch June’s #1 YouTube trending video, Basically I’m Gay by Daniel Howell. In seventh grade, this video would have saved me.”

Read Todd’s full piece in Adweek.

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