Job Overview

Here at The Many, we consider the Brand Director the Business Owner for their accounts, and is the most critical member of our client facing teams. The Brand Director is not seen as an “account person,” but rather a leader responsible for ensuring our clients get the best out of us, and we get the most out of them.  

The primary task of our Brand Directors is delivering with excellence and exceeding client expectations, while identifying areas where we can address a client’s unmet needs and continue to grow the relationship. At the same time, Brand Directors must balance this with spearheading and inspiring innovative creative development.

Directors own the scope of work and the relationship, but more importantly, they establish what success looks like for both parties and drive that forward to the best of their ability without sacrificing team morale. Success here requires a passion for the work, a preference for strategy over production, EQ that includes the ability to read in between the words of clients to understand what they are really trying to say, EQ that predicts what a client needs before they know it, and, EQ that outweighs ambition, with a true sense of ownership for the entire process.

For this position specifically, we are looking for a motors enthusiast – the kind that enjoys spending time working on their vehicle or learning about others who do. Ideally (but secondarily), you’d also be a pro sports enthusiast, with the ability to converse about the best players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. 

What Success Looks Like

  • After 90 days: 100% ownership of accounts, relationships forged with every client including a solid plan for servicing the client, revenue growth, and innovation. 
  • After 1 year: achievement of mutually agreed service goals, a clear and established track record of leadership within the agency and for clients, very strong and personal client relationships, a developed POV on the state of advertising, a natural comradery within the agency organization, strategic leadership of work streams and achievement of organic revenue goals,.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Define and deliver specified outcomes for our clients and for the agency.
  • Lead daily, but never be above helping out on the small tasks
  • Partner with cohorts from Creative, Strategy, Media, Production, Project Management, and Social to run and maintain overall health of clients and projects
  • Establish, maintain, and grow client and agency relationships
  • Provide strategic/thought leadership; owns and can clearly articulate a client’s core strategic challenge, leads internal team in solving for it:
    • Works with clients to uncover business needs and objectives, craft appropriate strategies, and identifies/implements products to help achieve client goals;
    • Ensure team works collaboratively and as an integrated partnership
  • Be a significant contributor to thoughtful and outstanding creative products
  • Own the SOW and the agenda
  • Proactively look for ways to expand and grow business
  • Generate partnership proposals & SOWs
  • Provide continual thinking on agency workflow, process efficiencies
  • Occasionally lead new business pitches 
  • Strive upward while delegating tasks


  • Several years experience in account/brand management within a fully integrated creative agency; experience leading social-first, high-production clients strongly preferred
  • Experience leading fully integrated teams and serving as the bridge between strategy, creative and media counterparts
  • An interest in / passion for motors (cars, trucks, etc.) and in major league sports
  • Ability to think strategically and contribute to strategy-driven conversations, managing many campaigns, internal and external needs at once
  • Proven ability to work at all levels, strong organizational skills and able to pay close attention to the details
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment effectively through challenges with a positive outlook
  • Strong emotional intelligence 
  • Can showcase previous success in building the business and delivering results
  • Strong presentation and communication skills (both written and oral)
  • An expert in brands, campaigns and the advertising business in general
  • Proven ability to work at all levels and able to pay close attention to the details
  • An integral part and can speak to a few transformational case studies with great results