As Advertising Week kicked off in New York, we stopped by The Drum Arms to join Creative Works Editor Kyle O’Brien for “I Was There,” a panel that brings creatives together to discuss impactful advertising.

An ode to The Drum’s UK home base, the panel was set in a good old-fashioned pub, McHale’s Bar & Grill in Midtown (which was way cool, by the way, we’d never been part of a panel at a bar before). But the best part was our very own Boston Associate Creative Director, Kristen Guiliano, who sat alongside industry experts Bruno Bertelli from Publicis and Maclean Jackson from Johannes Leonardo to discuss her role in developing Hooha, “a smart tampon dispenser you can text for a free tampon.”

Kristen talked about the challenges her team had to overcome to solve and many years-old problem of women not being able to find a tampon when they need it most, taking her work beyond just advertising to solve a real-world issue that sadly hasn’t changed in the last 80+ years.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about work that goes beyond what we traditionally think of as advertising and focuses on problem-solving, which is at the root of what we do. As the only female voice on the panel, it was especially exciting for me to talk about innovating the tampon dispenser, a problem that had never previously been addressed.”

Read more about Hooha in The Drum “I Was There” series.

Now that The Many spans the West Coast and East Coast, you can expect to see more of us wherever the right conversation might take us.

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