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Turning Labor Day into Labor Week

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Dear Friends, Clients and Collaborators of The Many,

As Labor Day approaches, a holiday meant to honor the contributions of workers to the achievements of our country, we are seeing things a bit differently this year. With pressures due to the pandemic increasing at work and at home, and statistics around mental health struggles rising across the U.S., we see the need to reimagine this year’s Labor Day into something bigger and more necessary.

So we’re not stopping with Labor Day. Instead, we will close the entire agency for the entire week, September 7 to 11, no exceptions.

We’re calling it Labor Week, a chance to provide a much-needed mental health break for our employees, and we encourage you to join us in this movement by doing the same for yours. Here’s why and what this means…

The Many Labor Day Announcement
The Many Labor Day Announcement

While we proactively and creatively manage this difficult time, we ask that you please extend us the courtesy of accommodating scheduling, while knowing that when September 14th comes around, you will experience a better version of The Many, ready to face new challenges with a clear, well-rested perspective. Profound times call for profound action.

Be Well,
The Many

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