After building hype for the launch of Ghost Recon Breakpoint with our “Walker Takeover” stunt during E3, we continued to drive anticipation and excitement for the game release with a series of social films starring Lil’ Wayne meant to highlight the game’s features.

Through a series of films titled “Spec Ops 101,” Lil’ Wayne’s humorous dialogue is contrasted with a military strategist’s perspective to draw attention to Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s realistic nature and dynamic gameplay.

The films were supported by a recruitment program, “Calling All Ghosts,” that used mock online job postings to entice gamers to apply for the coveted beta access to the game. The program featured posters designed by artist Jason Heuser to bring gamers everywhere into the world of Auroa, the fictional setting of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Heuser is most well-known for his famous work that places political figures in precarious situations (like George W. Bush riding a shark through the sky).

Read the full piece on LBB and check out our work below.

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