Mistress and Chambord have partnered with Refinery29 to produce a digital home makeover campaign, “Oddly Luxe.”  It brings the quirky and chic world of Chambord to millennial women.

The series host, DIY influencer Jenni Radosevich, takes viewers through each episode, where a boring living space is completely transformed into an elevated, bold area that celebrates Chambord’s #BecauseNoReason aesthetic and attitude.

In addition to these episodes, 20 influencers and 3 YouTube stars create custom content inspired by this “Oddly Luxe” video series, distributing their content across their blogs and social channels to show how anyone can elevate their space with DIY projects inspired by Chambord.

The custom content series launched on Refinery29, along with a DIY photo feature, editorial sponsorships and banner ad takeovers; it will also be supported on Refinery29 and Chambord social media platforms.

Chambord Social Campaign on Refinery29

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