In light of the wildfires that ravaged California last month, this year we’re doing something different for the holidays…

Here in LA, we all know someone whose life was turned upside down by the Woolsey Fire. Having raged for weeks, burning more than 1,500 homes in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and displacing nearly 300,000 people, the fire directly affected communities we live in.

In Northern California, the Camp Fire caused even more suffering, becoming the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the State’s history.

With so many recovering in the aftermath, the Mistress team decided that in lieu of traditional gift giving this holiday season, we wanted to contribute a donation on behalf of our clients. For the work they do on behalf of the communities affected by wildfires, Mistress will be donating $5,000 to the Malibu Foundation and North Valley Community Foundation to thank these organizations for their outstanding efforts in emergency relief assistance, community rebuilding, and wildfire prevention.

We’re proud to stand alongside our clients and communities to make this impact.

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