USA/SYFY’s Chucky and The Many Crashed New York Comic Con

Ty Gates | Oct. 11 2021

NBCUniversal and The Many got fans old and new excited for the upcoming release of the new TV series, Chucky, at New York Comic Con. The activation was available for attendees to experience at Booth #1637 while the convention was open Thursday, October 7 through Sunday, October 10. The NYCC activation leads into Chucky’s television series premiere on October 12 at 10 p.m. on USA and SYFY.
Children, dolls and toy stores are all inherently innocent — that is until Chucky, everyone’s favorite murderous doll, takes them and twists them into something horrifying. With Chucky’s primary audience a mix of horror lovers, pop culture aficionados and queer identifying folks, New York Comic Con, which indexes high in each of these subcultures, was the perfect place to, just like Chucky himself, tap into something as innocent as an ice cream truck and turn it into our worst nightmare. 
While Chucky’s reign of terror has lasted years, until today the sweetness and nostalgia of the ice cream truck has remained a good memory from our childhood. So for a place like New York Comic Con, where experience meets treats, the creative had to be taken one step further. Chucky’s I Scream Truck puts Chucky in the driver’s seat of a stolen “Good Guys” branded ice cream truck (a nod to the original fans of the franchise). After killing the driver and vandalizing the truck with red spray paint and a few choice phrases, fans find that Chucky crashed it into New York Comic Con where he literally makes them scream for their ice cream inside the truck.
“It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to work with everyone’s favorite killer doll and create a literal vehicle for catharsis from our already frightening world in the form of a scary experience,” said Mason Douglass, Senior Copywriter at The Many. “Fans get the chance to scream their heads off and be rewarded for it, something we don’t typically do in our everyday lives. You could say it’s quite the treat!”
There was also a live screening of Chucky episode one by USA Network and Syfy on Friday, October 8, followed by a Q&A featuring showrunner and creator, Don Mancini, and actress Jennifer Tilly who played the character Tiffany Valentine in the Child’s Play franchise.
Check out some of the content captured during New York Comic Con on Instagram.

Client: NBCUniversal 
Agency: The Many 
Managing Director, Growth, Maggie Cadigan
Head of Creative, Amber Justis
Sr. Project Manager, Madeline Gali
Sr. Copywriter, Mason Douglass
Sr. Art Director, Savannah Bradford
Director of Design, Jorge Andrade
Designer, Maddie Avjean
Designer, Robert Diep
Brand Director, Kim Reeder
Executive Producer, Matthew Kahn
Producer, Kelli Wheeler
Group Strategy Director, Ashleigh Edwards
Production Company: Plus Plus Studios
Managing Director, Dave Horowitz
Sr. Producer, Aileen Martinez
Production Designer, Kirt Johnson
Set Decorator, Kat Wilson
Coordinator, Maria Tomkins
Truck Fabrication, Cinema Vehicles
Set Dressing and Fabrication, Vision Scenery
Casting, BOK Creative

Ad Council, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Jed Foundation (JED) and The Many Partner to Evolve “Seize the Awkward” Campaign on Social Media

Ty Gates | Sep. 29 2021

The Many and nonprofit organization Ad Council are partnering to create a social evolution of the national award-winning campaign Seize the Awkward by enhancing its Instagram presence to meet teens and young adults where they consume content.
The campaign is a joint effort between the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Jed Foundation (JED), the Ad Council, and creative agency Droga5.
According to a 2020 American Psychological Association survey, 34% of respondents between the ages of 18-23 reported that their mental health had worsened compared with before the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important that we normalize and care for our mental health, just as we would our physical health. And while one person’s problems aren’t anyone else’s to solve, we all have mental health and together it’s a shared opportunity to address the larger issue. Gen-Z already knows this well, as they apply collective thinking and speak up about societal issues, including mental health.
The Many utilized an inclusive and optimistic tone to develop eye-catching artwork that speaks to young adults in a way they can relate to, embracing that conversations about mental health can sometimes be awkward or difficult but there are ways to support each other in talking openly about stress, anxiety and depression, among others. These conversations can help people know they are not alone, connect people to much-needed resources and help, and even save lives.
“Now more than ever, there’s an opportunity to recognize mental health struggles among young adults as something we all have a responsibility to address. It just so happens at the same time, we’re all living through the coronavirus pandemic as a collective trauma, but we are together,” said Mars Millisic and Kate ‘Rizzo’ Digilio, Associate Creative Directors at The Many. “We’re lit up by Gen-Z, especially the collectivist point of view they bring to huge issues. ‘Let’s Make This A We Thing’ is crafted in that spirit. We’re so excited to bring our contribution to Seize the Awkward and build upon the impact it’s had already.”
The Many’s continued partnership with Seize the Awkward serves the goal of developing eye-catching Instagram content that equips young adults to start and sustain conversations about mental health with peers that may be struggling.

“With so much of our target audience spending time on social media, this collaboration with the talented team at The Many is very exciting for us. The thoughtful work they are bringing to Seize the Awkward will help us continue to foster an empowered Instagram community and reach young adults searching for that extra push to check in with a friend who may be struggling.”

- Heidi Arthur, chief campaign development officer, Ad Council

To date, five pieces of content have been published to Seize the Awkward’s Instagram handle with the sixth posted today.
Since its launch in January 2018, Seize the Awkward has garnered 52M million video views and over 2.1M sessions on, where visitors can explore resources and tools to help them start a conversation with a friend around mental health. The campaign also received the 2020 Shorty Award for Best Use of a Spokesperson for its partnership with musician Billie Eilish. To learn more about the campaign, visit and @SeizeTheAwkward on Instagram. To get immediate, free support 24/7, call 1-800-273-8255 or text “SEIZE” to 741741.

Client: Ad Council
Head of Campaign Development, Heidi Arthur
SVP, Campaign Development, Deborah Leiter
VP, Campaign Director, Hannah Strashun
Campaign Manager, Katie McGee
Assistant Campaign Manager, Raphael Reyes
SVP, Marketing and Communications, Ellyn Fisher
Manager, Marketing and Communications, Naomi Woolfenden
Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communications, Nina Trach
Assistant Manager, Talent Partnerships, Helena Emmanuel
SVP, Strategy and Evaluation, Tony Foleno
Director, Media Strategy, Greg Kelly
Assistant Media Manager, Armani Stewart
Digital Product Manager, Cat Boyce 
Agency: The Many
Head of Creative, Amber Justis
Associate Creative Director, Mars Millisic
Associate Creative Director, Kate “Rizzo” Digilio
Senior Copywriter, Evan Chiplock
Senior Designer, Chris Arellano
Designer, Steven Nguyen
Group Brand Director, Anne Halvorson
Producer, Ailbhe Fitzpatrick
Group Strategy Director, Andy Craig
Director of Social Innovation, Kristin “KB” Busk
Senior Project Manager, Andrea Stoll
Associate Director of Project Management, Svetlana Kornilova

Stepping In For a Closer Look at eBay’s “All for Kicks” Content Series

Ty Gates | Sep. 24 2021

Summer was hot with eBay and its new content series for @ebaysneakers, All for Kicks! The social-first series of seven short films elevated sneaker devotion to a whole new level. Directed by Ariel Fisher of Tuff Contender, All for Kicks brought to life the hyperreal moments that prove sneakerheads will do the wildest things for their kicks, from licking the soles of a brand new pair, sniffing the sole inserts, or going to extreme measures to avoid a crease or scuff.

“This campaign allowed us to root the eBay brand in sneaker culture by speaking the sneakerhead language," said Emily Hambleton, Associate Brand Director at The Many. "Seeing the response and metrics on social showed us that we tapped into the right moments and that the content was building a real connection with our sneakerhead audience," added Rediate Tekeste, Senior Brand Director at The Many.

The series kicked off with “Sniff,” which featured a shoemolier taking the most exquisite whiff of his brand new Air Jordan 4 Retro Union sneakers:

Sneakerheads will do anything to avoid a crease. Episode two, “Crease,” tells the precarious story of navigating a flight of stairs with an arm full of shoeboxes piled high while trying to avoid a crease in the toe box of your Air Jordan 1s (we told you that model is iconic):

Have you ever seen someone taste their brand new shoes? If you haven’t, you have now — “Taste” gives new meaning to breakfast while this man enjoys a pair of Air Jordan 11 sneakers at the table with his family:

It’s all in the details in “Toothbrush”—this bathroom scene gives as much care to sneakers as it does to those pearly whites:

There comes a time in every sneakerhead’s life when they’re opening up a new shoebox and experience a divine feeling as if the heavens had just blessed them with this incredible gift. “New High Low” captures all of that emotion:

Scuffing up your brand new kicks is a tragedy especially when you go up against a surface that leaves a permanent mark. “Scuff” features a young man utilizing napkins to ensure that the ground doesn’t mark up his new Off White Air Jordan 5 sneakers. Unfortunately, a scooter spoils his plans:

Last but not least, “Grandma” concluded the “All for Kicks” content series. The beauty of this short is that sneakerheads are across all ages. In “Grandma,” a woman is running the resale game all from the comfort of her recliner chair:

“All seven films latched onto a real sneakerhead human truth while simultaneously highlighting eBay as the brand with the largest collection of the most Authentic kicks,” Mars Milisic, Associate Creative Director at The Many. “We strategically wrote to buyers, sellers, and highlighted eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program to show that we understand all sides of the sneakerhead audience.”

At the debut of “Sniff,” the @eBaysneakers Instagram account had 12,918 followers. By the end of July following the final episode, the handle jumped to 28k followers, a 119% month-over-month increase. By the end of August, the Instagram channel had 31k followers, a 50% increase from July.
If you enjoyed the “All for Kicks” content series then be sure to keep an eye on the @ebaysneakers Instagram account. We’re excited to be partnering with eBay to continue creating a portfolio of work that spotlights some of eBay’s most celebrated products with the launch of the brand’s first-ever social channels dedicated to specific verticals—sneakers and watches.
Client: eBay
Head of Social Media Marketing, North America, Jen Haley
Director of Creative and Social, Maryann Bell
Associate Creative Director, Social Media, Nina Louie
Director, Marketing and Creative Operations, Kira Moller
Sr. Manager Paid Social Strategy, Craig Weinberg
Sr. Manager Digital & Social Media Communications, Briana Gardner
Sneakers Social Lead, Ryan Corpuz
Senior Communication Strategist, Emilie Furda
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Founder, Blake Marquis
Associate Creative Director, Mars Milisic
Associate Creative Director, Kalee Abella
Senior Copywriter, Evan Chiplock
Senior Art Director, Cameron Bell
Senior Art Director, Erika Leiva
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
Senior Producer, Morgan Menco
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Amber Adoue
Senior Brand Director, Rediate Tekeste
Associate Brand Director, Emily Risher
Director of Project Management, Iman Forde
Senior Project Manager, Jonathan Hermes
Project Manager, Peanut Adams
Director of Social Strategy, Harriet Riley
Social Strategist, Destiny Modeste
Production Company: Tuff Contender
Director, Ariel Fisher
Executive Producer, Max Rose
Executive Producer, DJay Brawner
Producer, Davey Johnson
Director of Photography, Ben Carey
Production Designer, Briana Gonzalez
1st AD, Sam Shapson

Quest Nutrition and Yes! Bumble Bee! Earn Finalist Spots at 2021 OMMA Awards

Ty Gates | Sep. 20 2021

We’re stoked to share that we’re finalists in two categories for MediaPost’s 2021 OMMA Awards!
Now in its 17th year, the OMMA Awards honor the best in Online Media, Marketing and Advertising with 39 categories across two sections: Excellence in Online Advertising and Excellence in Media & Marketing.
Within the Excellence in Online Advertising section, our “Enjoy More, Carb Less” campaign for Quest Nutrition is a finalist for the Advanced TV category, while our “Yes! Bumble Bee!” brand campaign for Bumble Bee Seafoods is a finalist for the Content Marketing: Single Execution category.
These two distinctions are a testament to the magic created between our integrated teams at The Many. Cheers to those involved! We’re looking forward to the winners being announced on October 5, 2021.

Celebrating the #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021

Ty Gates | Sep. 13 2021

As a commitment to celebrate Black creators and artists, YouTube launched the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund. The multi-year commitment is dedicated to spotlighting and amplifying Black creators and artists on the platform in addition to providing them with access to resources to help them thrive. #YouTubeBlack has a global reach supporting Black creators and artists across the world.
Operating within the intersection of real-world issues and acknowledging the valuable content created by #YouTubeBlack, this fund honors and uplifts the 2021 recipients for producing content existing across the platform.
We’re honored to have worked with YouTube for this powerful announcement, through the lens of Black joy, celebrating the creative and passion-filled contributions of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Class of 2021. 
You can also check this out on our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out some of incredible creators and artists featured in the film below and show some support by subscribing to their YouTube channels or with a follow on their social media platforms.

You can also check this out on our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Coming Up Roses: The Bouqs Co. Names The Many Integrated AOR

Amanda Cosindas | Aug. 31 2021

The Many has been named The Bouqs Co.’s new integrated agency of record following a competitive pitch.
The Bouqs Co. connects farms and a curated network of artisan florists directly to consumers across the country to receive farm-fresh flowers and gifts made with love. With a compelling brand story and beautiful, high-quality products backed with a clear vision for the future, The Many will bring The Bouqs Co. to life to differentiate the brand from the category and continue growth.
“The Many demonstrated a clear understanding of our category and brand, and their creative and media capabilities make them uniquely equipped to drive innovation and engage new audiences,” said Wendy Shen Oliff, Vice President & General Manager, The Bouqs Co. “The team at The Many is unwavering in its commitment to challenging what’s comfortable. As a disruptor brand primed for growth, it was important to partner with an agency team that would continue to push our thinking and propel us forward.”
As The Bouq Co.’s new integrated AOR across creative and media, The Many will develop a creative brand platform to transform The Bouqs Co. into a household name through full-funnel creative and media efforts that will drive awareness amongst new audiences. A partnership in this integrated fashion positions The Many to offer a level of strategic guidance and leadership that will impactfully drive The Bouqs Co. business and brand forward.
“The creative opportunity is ripe given the category conventions The Bouqs Co. can push up against and doing it in a way that will help them break through the clutter is an exciting challenge for us to take on,” said Kylie Wu, Senior Brand Director, The Many. “We’re also excited for the opportunity to elevate measurement and advanced attribution for The Bouqs Co. to identify how their holistic brand and performance investments are driving incremental impact for the business.”
The new account win comes at a time when The Many has experienced steady growth internally, with just over 150 team members now across the United States and internationally bringing the agency to its largest.
With campaign development already underway, the world will see fresh work from The Bouqs Co. and The Many early next year.
For more information visit You can also check out the news at Campaign, AgencySpy and LBB.

eBay Turns the Dial on Watches with New Series ‘Old School Meets New School’

Ty Gates | Aug. 26 2021

EBay’s new social-first content series, Old School Meets New School, kicked off today with episode one. The series brings together two vastly different icons—one old school, one new school—to dish over their shared, yet different, love for watches. The series is created in partnership with independent agency The Many. 
From historic brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet to burgeoning industry newcomers, true watch enthusiasts love to rave over their collections. In the first episode, fashion icon Iris Apfel, who turns 100 years old on August 29th, and Grammy-nominated, new wave rap artist Lil Yachty, come together in conversation to highlight how we can connect over things we love no matter how different we may be. As Apfel and Yachty show off their favorite timepieces, the viewer sees how watches transcend genders, generations, styles, and cultures. 
Known for her trail-blazing, iconic status, Apfel has followed her instincts and artistic vision for decades, regardless of what others had to say, and Yachty follows the same set of rules today, presenting himself to the world as only Yachty can. The unlikely pairing showcases that timepieces aren’t just statement accessories, they present an opportunity for individuality and ambition to thrive in spite of generational differences. 

In the 60-second film, Apfel explains to Yachty that she accessorizes her wrist with “a mix of high and low, an expensive watch with a bunch of tacky little bracelets.” In staying true to the series’ name, Iris asks Yachty if he partakes in wearing two watches at a time–a fad that is popular in rap culture and Hollywood but dates back to the ‘70s and more commonly the ‘80s. 

“eBay is a destination where vintage, contemporary and new inventory, as well as sellers and buyers, can come together to share a passion for watches. We’re living in a time where all things related to culture and fashion are starting to blend and be redefined by newcomers,” said Conner Needham, Junior Art Director at The Many. “This pairing of Iris and Yachty brings two unlikely icons together who have a shared passion for redefining trends. They opened up to each other about their love for luxury watches, which naturally showcased eBay as the go-to destination for all styles of timepieces.”
Staying true to The Many’s mission to challenge comfortable, “Old School Meets New School” was eBay’s invitation for talent to be vulnerable and look past the objects we all desire and more into what value they bring us. The new series showcases how even the most visibly public people can connect when they encourage each other to embrace authenticity.
Episode one is now live on the @ebaywatches Instagram channel.
The series is the next move for eBay as it expands its social community. Since January, eBay and The Many have launched the brand’s first-ever product-focused social channels dedicated to specific verticals—@ebaywatches and @ebaysneakers—and have crafted a content portfolio that celebrates some of eBay’s top-performing categories and further establishes eBay as a category leader. At eBay’s new channels, enthusiasts can dive deeper into the unique language and culture associated with collecting and cultivating one’s most beloved possessions, and the one-of-a-kind buying experience eBay has to offer. 
Previous work from eBay and The Many this year includes: 

Check out the news at Campaign, LBBOnline, MediaPost, and Muse by Clio. We’re also proud to share that “Old School Meets New School” won Campaign’s Ad of the Week!


Client: eBay
Watches Social Lead, Renata Salazar-Costa
Head of Social Media Marketing, North America, Jen Haley
Director of Creative and Social, Maryann Bell 
Associate Creative Director, Social Media, Nina Louie
Director, Marketing and Creative Operations, Kira Moller
Sr. Manager Paid Social Strategy, Craig Weinberg
Agency: The Many
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz 
Producer, Kim Vorse
Partner / Executive Creative Director, Blake Marquis
Creative Director, Pam Fujimoto
Associate Creative Director, Mars Milisic
Associate Creative Director, Kate “Rizzo” Digilio
Senior Copywriter, Miles Evans
Jr. Art Director, Conner Needham
Jr. Copywriter, Will Luck
Director of Social Innovation, Kristin “KB” Busk
Design Director, Jorge Andrade
Senior Designer, Amy Woo
Animator, Ryan Hoog
Senior Animator, Scott Woodburn
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Rediate Tekeste
Associate Brand Director, Emily Risher
Associate Director of Project Management, Keara Hanlon
Project Manager, Jin Laqui
Media Director, Anthony Rocker
Associate Media Director, Alyssa DeSangro 
Group Strategy Director, Andy Craig
Social Strategy Director, Harriet Riley
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Senior Social Strategist, Adriana Solache Olijve
Production Company: Los York
CCO / Director, Seth Epstein
EP Live Action, Leticia Gurjao 
EP Studio, Melina Osornio-Andrade 
Head of Production, Mariel Sands 
Live-Action Producer, Russ Katzman
Field producer, Chad Tingle
DP, Eduardo Whaite
Production Designer, Belinda Scott
Post-Production Producer, Joe Abou-Sakher / David Thomas
Media Production Manager, Rod Thomas 
Design/Animation, Daniel Miller
Editor & Colorist, Emma Blackstone 
Assistant Editor, Tony Scharko
Sound Design & Mix, Dennis Durante

Panda Express Launches Crispy Almond Chicken Breast with New Spot by The Many

Ty Gates | Aug. 17 2021

Panda Express and The Many are back with more mouthwatering work! This time, the two partnered to celebrate one of the most exciting launches in the history of the fast-casual American Chinese restaurant–the new Crispy Almond Chicken Breast.
The new chicken dish that has been crafted by the wok masters at Panda Express over the last four years made its debut last week on August 11. Featuring raised without antibiotics chicken breast, a signature puffed rice breading, garlic soy sauce and slices of crunchy almond, Crispy Almond Chicken Breast highlights Panda’s continued advancement towards innovative cuisine using quality ingredients and new flavors for guests’ love of the brand’s chicken dishes.

The :30 spot, created with The Many, director Paul Butterworth and production company Jojx, celebrates the crunchy innovations that make Crispy Almond Chicken Breast stand out from a crowded category of crispy, crunchy chicken options.
Set to the classic track “This Magic Moment” by The Drifters but sung in English and Mandarin, audiences follow the journey from wok to bowl, watching as the puffed-rice breading is crisped, sauced, tossed and admired by wok master and hungry guest alike.
“The Mandarin rendition of ‘This Magic Moment’ was a perfect opportunity for us to continue to create a bridge between Chinese and American cultures. With such an iconic song, there was no doubt that listeners would be able to recognize it regardless of what language they spoke,” Cameron Bell, senior art director, The Many. “Additionally, the lyrics to the track matched up perfectly with the launch of this new product, as the ‘Magic Moment’ speaks directly to the first time a consumer experiences their first crunchy bite into a piece of Crispy Almond Chicken Breast.” 
To ensure the delicious experience came through to all the senses, The Many crafted custom sound design and unique visual approaches that work together to highlight the audible crunch and unique flavors of the dish.

The :30 started airing this week on Monday, August 16. Hungry fans of the brand can get their hands on their own orders of Crispy Almond Chicken Breast at their local Panda Express restaurants.
This is the second music-infused spot creation for Panda Express in partnership with The Many. This past spring, the fast-casual Chinese restaurant aired its Wok-Seared Shrimp and Steak spot set to hip-hop duo OutKast’s popular song “I Like The Way You Move.”
Check out the news on Agency Spy and LBBOnline.

Client: Panda Express
Executive Director, Marketing Communications, Kevin Holmes
Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Nancy Ong
Associate Brand Marketing Manager, Paige Hasama
Creative Design Associate Manager, Alex Tsao
Agency: The Many
Senior Brand Director, Kylie Wu
Associate Director of Project Management, Svetlana Kornilova
Group Strategy Director, Ashleigh Edwards
Strategy Director, Kara Mullikin
Creative Director, Josh Paialii
Senior Creative, Copywriter, Evan Chiplock
Senior Creative, Art Director, Cameron Bell
Design Director, Jorge Andrade
Senior Designer, Amy Woo
Designer, John Duch
Producer, Kim Vorse
Producer, Gerry Romero
Production Company: Jojx
Executive Producer, Jackson Morton
Executive Producer, Joe Care
Executive Producer, Pedro Aragão de Oliveira
Executive Producer, Sam Cohan
Director, Paul Butterworth
Line Producer, Cliff Schumacher
Production Supervisor, Lauren Bates
Production Coordinator, Ciara Rodriguez
1st AD, Robert Thoren
DP, Mike Reyes
Production Designer, Gary Matteson
Food Stylist, Kimberly Huson
Post Production: The Den Editorial
Post Producer, Mike Gut
Colorist, Luis Silva
Online Artists, Eric Mason / Gabe Sanchez
Editor, Katie Cali
VFX Artist, Eric Mason
Sound Design and Mix: Beacon Street
Music Re-Record: MAS

Chameleon Organic Coffee Partners with Artists DJ Neff and Zuzu Perkal to Create Distinctly Different Coffee Pop-Up Experiences in Los Angeles and Austin

Ty Gates | Aug. 10 2021

Chameleon Organic Coffee is creating a buzz around its new line of premium whole bean and ground coffee with a series of live art activations that support the brand’s “distinctly different” spirit. A series of three artist murals across Austin, Los Angeles and New York City, tell a different Chameleon story through each artist’s creative voice.
As an expression of the Chameleon’s new tagline — Refuse To Blend In — we partnered with three talented street artists to create a new kind of pop-up coffee experience. Rather than the traditional four-walled coffee shop, Chameleon brings its flavor to life by incorporating QR codes into vibrant, stop-you-in-your-tracks art. Woven into each design, a quick scan of each QR code reveals an opportunity for Chameleon to send passersby free Chameleon Coffee. But that’s not it, the codes also unlock a digital content experience with Chameleon and each artist.
The multi-city activation defies traditional bagged coffee conventions, while also raising the profiles of three distinctly different artists.
“We applied a ubiquitous technology on a massive scale to essentially Trojan Horse a brand story and sampling effort into an out-of-home experience,” said Scott Ellman and Rik Patenaude, creatives at The Many. “These mural ‘pop-ups’ create the opportunity to bring some of Chameleon’s core values and beliefs to life out in the world to be discovered outside of the brand story that is told on the website.”

The first location, Austin, TX, is also Chameleon Coffee’s birthplace and featured local artist Zuzu Perkal. As a coffee lover and Austin native, Zuzu’s number one goal when stepping into a project is to express herself authentically. In the words of Zuzu, “refusing to blend in is just about being authentically yourself. That’s the vibe of Austin. Austin is weird and it is funky.” Zuzu’s mural plays on Chameleon’s #RefuseToBlendIn motto with an eye-catching multi-colored mosaic. The Austin mural was unveiled first on Saturday, July 31, and will remain up for local Austin folks to visit until Saturday, August 21 at 1408 East 6th Street.

In Los Angeles, CA, artist  DJ Neff is known for his spray can recycling program, CanLove. His art incorporates old spray cans to create awareness for the impact we have on the environment. With sustainability always top of mind, DJ Neff’s mural features the Earth itself within Chameleon’s “Dude” mascot. The Los Angeles mural was officially unveiled on Saturday, August 7, and will remain live until Saturday, August 28, in DTLA on Grand Street and 8th Street.

The mural for New York City, created by local artist Fumero, is slated to be unveiled on Saturday, August 21 in the West Village (on the corner of Clarkson and Washington).
Take a look below for a glimpse into each artist’s process and how their murals came to life. And if you’re in Austin or Los Angeles, be sure to check out the amazing art from these local artists and keep an eye out for New York City’s mural!

Client: Chameleon – Nestle 
Senior Leader, Director, Holly Ramsden
Sr. Brand Associate, Ash Ganapathiraju
Sr. Brand Manger, Elizabeth Hanculak
Brand Marketing Emerging Brands,  Andrea Haines
Brand Strategy Manager, Shaydon Armstrong
Brand Marketing Emerging Brands, Courtney Backman
Brand Marketing Associate, Kathy Lee 
Experiential Marketing, Keryn Sethi 
Social Media Manager, Molly Feldman 
Lead, Social Media Marketing, Gabrielle Todd
Agency: The Many
Partner, Executive Creative Director, Scott Harris
Creative Director, Josh Paialli 
Art Director, Rik Patenaude 
Copywriter, Scott Ellman
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
Executive Producer, Matthew Kahn
Senior Producer, Sana Bawania 
Senior Producer, Bridget Botchway 
Senior Producer, Jett Gelber  
Production Coordinator, Maria Tompkins
Group Brand Director, Anne Halvorson 
Brand Director, Tori Matthews
Brand Director, Kim Reeder 
Group Strategy Director, Ashleigh Edwards
Senior Project Manager, Kellee Bassaragh 

Production Company: Helo 
Director, Mike Marshall
DP, Eric Robbins
Sr. Producer, Aileen Martinez
Producer, Nathan Shoop
Editor, Ben Hyde
Colorist, Rick Wilson
Mixer, Brandon Duncan
Photo Editor, Andrew Martinez
Music Production
Composer/Sound Design, Eddie Alonso
Media Agency: OpenMind 
Media Planning Supervisor, Kelly Egan 
Senior Associate Media Planner, Erin Binnie 
Third-Party Vendor: Flowcode 
Account Manager, Rob Norton 

Bumble Bee Reels in Flavorful Lunch Prep with Stop Motion Animation

Ty Gates | Jul. 23 2021

Following Bumble Bee Seafood’s Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign that put tuna in unexpected places but, frankly, where it rightfully belongs, Bumble Bee is back with more deliciousness. This time, we’re bringing tuna to life using stop motion animation in “Tuna Penne, Pronto” and “Mediterranean-Meets-Albacore Salad.”
Especially when working in the office or remotely (or let’s face it, juggling kids and pets), lunch often consists of whatever can be thrown together quickly or delivered between meetings. But sometimes, we all find ourselves with a bit more time to enjoy the spoils of a well-prepared midday meal.
Whether you’re time-crunched or time is on your side, our latest work for Bumble Bee shows us all how Bumble Bee offers something all lunch lovers can appreciate—speed and versatility.
The series of :15 and :06 stop motion shorts feature sonic landscapes that reinforce the benefits of Bumble Bee. Whether that means enhancing your quick pasta lunch with lemon pepper flavored wild-caught tuna or introducing delicious wild-caught albacore to your Mediterranean salad, these quick stop motion videos don’t just stimulate the appetite, they connect with consumers on a subconscious level – communicating ‘speed’ and ‘versatility’ through sound.
With The Many’s media group at the helm, the work is currently airing across paid social channels including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram with animated banners running programmatically.
Catch the work below, and don’t forget to check out the Tuna Penne, Pronto recipe from Bumble Bee if you find your stomach growling.


Client: Bumble Bee Seafoods 
SVP Brand Marketing, Daniel Hofmeister
VP of Brand Management, Jeanine Lewis Canales
Director of Marketing – Brand Management, Jeremy Zavoral
Director of Marketing, Dana Kowal
Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Anna George
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Partner, Damien Eley
Creative Director, Adam Flanagan
Associate Creative Director, Annie Johnston
Associate Creative Director, Ashley Milhollin
Copywriter, Bryce Pangman
Art Director, Harper Biewen
Designer, Patrick Cambria
Managing Director, Brand and Social, Todd Lombardo
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Pamela Lloyd
Senior Brand Director, Kevin Fuller
Senior Project Manager, Madeline Gali
Project Manager, Tori Landin
Group Strategy Director, Melissa Cabral
Director of Social Strategy, Harriet Riley
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Producer, Kimberly Vorse
Senior Producer, Morgan Menco
Assistant Production Coordinator, Connor Bland
Director of Communications, Amanda Cosindas
Managing Director of Media Services, Davis Jones
Group Director of Analytics and Strategy, Vanessa Shanahan
Analytics Lead, Sean Desmond
Group Media Director, Alex Barnes
Media Director, Jaclyn VanSloten
Associate Media Director, Caroline Tambling
Media Supervisor, Anissa Sanders
Senior Digital Planner, Katie Sullivan
Media Planner, Catherine Nguyen

Production Company: Ancient Order
Director and Executive Producer, Jack Zegarski
Director and Executive Producer, Kyle Arneson
Production Manager, Rachel Powell
Storyboard Artist, Jeff Bounthavong
Storyboard Artist, Dante Tumminello
Animation Director, Quique Rivera
Animator, Jackie Cadiente
Animation Assistant, Mengxi Yang
DP, Charles Schner
First AC, Luca Cioci
Gaffer, Jared Berman
Still Photographer, Liz Ehlers
Photo Assistant, Peter Koocheradis
Prop Stylist, Amy Chinelli
Prop Stylist Assistance, Francesca Gabrielle
Prop Stylist Assistance, Dorothy Hoover
Art Assistant, Andrew Wright
Food Stylist (Stop Motion) Marah Abel
Food Stylist (Photo), Joanna Holbek
Food Stylist Assistant, Jason Stroh
Food Stylist Assistant, Yash Dhillon
Editor, Matt Mariska
VFX Artist, Andrew Babick
VFX Artist, Larry Ho
Colorist, Stephen Arkle
Sound Designer and Mixer, Alex Ball
PA, Henrik Larsen