eBay and Artist Mike Perry Launch Interactive Art Experience on Instagram

Amanda Cosindas | Apr. 8 2021

We’re excited to share eBay’s new collaboration with Brooklyn-based, Emmy-Award winning artist, Mike Perry
The collaboration, part of a multi-channel approach to draw followers to the new @ebaysneakers Instagram and Twitter handles, kicked off this week with an interactive art experience titled “The Sneaker Hunt” – an art piece that celebrates the process of finding, bidding on, and eventually copping the perfect pair of kicks. The collaboration includes a sweepstakes for fans that kicks off today, April 8, 2021.
Perry, an artist known for his bright and beautifully busy designs, was the perfect fit for the project for his ability to grab eyeballs and engage sneakerheads visually. His vibrant work brings the chaos of hunting down “a grail” to life in a new, expressive way by hiding sneakers throughout each piece of art. For a chance to win, fans simply need to find all of the sneakers and direct message the total number found.  
“His collage style art went hand-in-hand with our concept of creating an ‘I spy the sneakers’ game,” said Mars Milisic and Kalee Abella, Associate Creative Directors at The Many. “Mike also believes in what eBay stands for. As a fan, he likes to buy and sell on eBay so as to not clutter the world with more things, but to hunt for unique treasures that are already out there.”
eBay and the team at The Many worked alongside Perry to build a sweepstakes that will see 21 lucky winners walking away with gift cards, grail sneakers, and even limited edition prints from Perry himself. 
To win prizes, sneakerheads simply have to hunt for unique treasures themselves, finding all the kicks hidden throughout the sprawling design and DM-ing the new @ebaysneakers handle with the correct number. Not only are the imaginative illustrations full of a mix of the most iconic sneaker styles, they also include details unique to sneaker culture, intentionally added to keep sneakerheads hunting. 
The Sneaker Hunt is not the only chance for sneakerheads to win, however. 
To give back to the community, and the planet, limited edition Earth Day sneakers will go up for auction on Earth Day, April 22, 2021. Featuring custom designs from Perry, the one-of-a-kind sneakers will be put up for auction on eBay, where sneaker and nature lovers will be able to place their winning bids until the end of the month. All proceeds from the auction will go to Soles4Souls, a non-profit focused on turning unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use.
“The Sneaker Hunt” and @ebaysneakers comes following the launch of the brand’s first-ever product-focused social handle, @ebaywatches—Instagram dedicated exclusively to watch lovers. The launch was celebrated alongside Valentine’s Day with a sultry one-minute film noir shot in the heart of Mexico City, “A Timeless Love Affair.”

Budget Blinds Spot Breaks Free From Category Monotony with a Colorful Spin on Hit Song “Little Boxes”

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 30 2021

Home is more unique to you than anything else in the world. Which is why Budget Blinds believes that personal space should feel personal. 
But categorically and culturally, home decor is often treated as anything but personal. The world of window treatments can be awash in a sea of sameness—perfectly-posed vendor stock assets and monotonous nomenclature. But Budget Blinds’ latest spot, “More Than A Box,” by The Many, challenges the status quo while proving that their individualized service, that covers far more than blinds, is anything but same-old-same-old. 
In “More Than A Box,” Budget Blinds’ unique variety of custom window treatments become much more than beautiful set dressings. Working hand in hand with Budget Blinds EVP, Product Development and Strategy, Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds and The Many elevate windows into a starring role as the main character in each individual’s story, telling a vibrant, quirky, expressive and fun tale about the special moments and sense of relief that only happens at home.
 “Budget Blinds is known for style and service for every budget, and this campaign helps truly illustrate that not only do we appreciate our customers’ style, but we partner with them to help bring it to life through beautiful, customized window coverings,” said Heather Cates, Senior Brand Director, Budget Blinds. 
“Colloquially put, even though it’s got four walls and holds all of your things, your house is so much more than a box,” said Ashley Milhollin, Associate Creative Director at The Many. “For our creative approach, we didn’t want to just set our story in a beautiful home, we wanted the decor to telegraph a story about the lives of the people inside.” 
Musically, the spot takes a song made famous for its political mockery of suburban conformism, “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, and turns it on its head to celebrate the idea that within four walls, everyone has an opportunity to celebrate their individualism. Re-recorded by sibling duo Beth Lowen and Sam Lowen, the track transforms the song’s familiar line, “And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same,” to “And they’re all made fully customized, none will ever look the same.” Alongside the spot, Budget Blinds subtly challenges the notion that people have to live—or decorate—just the same.  
Tomorrow director Drew Kirsch was carefully selected to call the shots for his dynamic background directing both ad campaigns and music videos that are effervescent and colorful for the likes of Lennon Stella, John Legend, Rüfüs Du Sol and Taylor Swift including the pop star’s “You Need to Calm Down,” a showcase of retro-inspired diversity. Kirsch’s musicality and visual execution bring each home to life as characters in their own right. 
The campaign debuted March 29, 2021, and includes a :60 spot with :30, :15 and :06 across connected TV, digital video, social, streaming audio and podcasts. Last Fall, Budget Blinds released “Safety First,” a hilarious ad by The Many for its child-safe blinds and shades in honor of National Window Covering Safety Month. The spot features a child wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape head-to-toe, sporting safety goggles and a helmet while standing in her living room ready for her next adventure.
See the story also in Little Black Book.


BioSteel Uses GIPHY to Triumph Over The Big Game

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 19 2021

During the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, millions would be tweeting and posting about star QB Patrick Mahomes. But without a spot in the big game, how could sports hydration brand BioSteel, relatively new to the U.S. market, make a big impact and celebrate the fact that their very own sponsored athlete would be playing on the world’s biggest sports stage? It was time to think outside of an ad.
In just 36 hours after asking ourselves that question, we quickly turned around over a dozen Patrick Mahomes GIFs using only existing BioSteel photo assets and all of zero paid media dollars. By sharing them on GIPHY, they could be easily searched and added to any social post during the big game. We planned for long passes, TDs, bad calls, and more. 
The outcome? More than we could have expected! After hitting BioSteel’s GIPHY page Saturday morning, which at the time had approximately 2,500 total views, one of the over dozen GIFs popped up on GIPHY’s trending page Super Bowl Sunday Morning where it stayed all day and all game long. 
“The moment we saw KC was heading to the SB, we knew we had to act,” said Josh Paialii, Creative Director at The Many. “GIFs are the last thing you want to over think creatively. BioSteel’s branding is minimalistic, while celebrating what makes their athletes and product so different. Knowing anyone seeing these GIFs might be introduced to the brand for the very first time (and in a very short experience), we wanted to own that BioSteel red and make the brand as contextually relevant as possible.”
By the end of the Super Bowl, BioSteel’s GIFs had generated 10+ million brand views. From concept and art direction, to animation and posting, we helped generate tens of millions of BioSteel impressions in just over one day. Trending on GIPHY and showing up on millions of screens? Without a sponsorship or spot in the big game, it was a creative, cost-effective way to be part of the social conversation with a best case scenario outcome.

Luka Dončić Isn’t the Only One Joining BioSteel’s Roster: The Many is Drafted as AOR

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 16 2021

Following a competitive review, sports hydration brand BioSteel has selected The Many as integrated agency of record to support the launch of its zero sugar sports drink in an eco-friendly tetra pak in the U.S. The announcement comes on the heels of the brand revealing its sponsorship of star Luka Dončić by way of a new LinkedIn profile for Dončić listing him as Global Chief Hydration Officer at BioSteel, an effort supported by The Many.
As BioSteel rapidly expands its U.S. footprint, The Many will be responsible for building consumer awareness through a holistic, go-to-market strategy and approach for all creative and media needs across North America spanning CTV, digital, social and in-store. The agency will also play a role in developing BioSteel’s influencer engagement programs and its many partnerships with some of the world’s most prominent professional athletes and personalities including Luka Dončić, Patrick Mahomes, Gleyber Torres, Deandre Hopkins, Ezekiel Elliott and Erin Andrews. BioSteel also continues to build its roster of professional sports franchises which already includes multiple NBA teams including the Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavericks.    
“As we expand across the U.S., we are pleased to have The Many onboard, who shares our entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit, to help further BioSteel’s mission as a zero sugar, eco-friendly sports drink,” said John Peirano, Head of Marketing at BioSteel. “Already in the first few weeks of our relationship, we’ve hit the ground running towards a massive growth year.”
Not only are we incredibly aligned with BioSteel’s mission, which is rooted in providing a healthy alternative to traditional sports hydration, we are equally as excited to execute on all the brand’s creative ambition as the company has set out to make a big splash in the world of sports,” said Maggie Cadigan, Managing Director, Growth, at The Many. 
BioSteel was founded in 2009 by former NHL player Michael Cammalleri and business partner John Celenza with a focus on all-natural, sugar-free, and nutritious drink powders. In 2020, the company released its ready-to-drink, zero sugar sports drink in an eco friendly tetra pak. In 2019, Canopy Growth purchased a majority stake in BioSteel allowing the brand to leverage Canopy’s partnership with global beverage leader Constellation Brands Inc (CBI) and its global distribution power.
For more information visit www.BioSteel.com. You can also catch this story in Agency Spy.

Shot in the Heart of Mexico City, eBay’s Film Noir Presents a Timeless Love for Watches

Amanda Cosindas | Feb. 14 2021

The 1940’s embraced a fervent love for sultry sounds, coiffed hair and polished fashion. It was an era of long notes and long nights where time seemed to slip into morning, and the lovers and collectors sought the everlasting.
In eBay’s “A Timeless Love Affair,” we tell a story of love symbolized through a timepiece as a treasured memory. We meet the main character receiving a watch from her first love, and soon she is swept through time where every glimpse of that watch gifted to her many years ago sparks fond memories of love. As she meanders through her evening in the present day, her watch becomes much more than an accessory, but an adored treasure that stands the test of time, just like true love. 
Adding to its romanticism, the ad was filmed in Mexico City with production company Panamericana and director Pablo Delgado. A local team with extensive knowledge of the location and with a background in film production, Panamerican teamed up with The Many’s head of production, Dave Horowitz, to elevate the spot to a cinematic quality. The set design was dressed for the 40s, but met us at the present day, showcasing watches throughout the decades, referred to by eBay as “a lifetime of luxury timepieces.” 
The spot launches just in time for Valentine’s Day and immortalizes a watch as the perfect gift for special occasions—a nod to eBay’s 25-year history as a leading marketplace for luxury goods, with the watch category alone offering more than 150,000 daily live listings on average, with new and vintage timepieces from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, and countless other brands. From anniversaries to graduation gifts, the spot transforms watches into a heartfelt reminder of life’s most pivotal moments—a personal symbol of love, achievement and so much more. 
As eBay constantly evolves to make the shopping and selling experience better and more seamless, “A Timeless Love Affair” launches on the heels of its new Instagram handle dedicated to watch lovers, @ebaywatches. The new social channel offers watch enthusiasts everywhere a perspective that is steeped in the language of collecting, culling together expert voices and content that showcases the stories behind the watches on eBay.
Its new #WatchMe platform and hype film go a step further to celebrate the individual for their style, taste, and passions, creating a more relevant and shoppable experience for a new generation of fans and collectors.
The campaign includes :60 for eBay’s Instagram and YouTube channels and :15 running on Hulu. Additional media support extends across YouTube pre-roll and social.


Client: eBay
Watches Marketing Lead: Aliyah Schneckenberg
Watches Social Lead: Renata Salazar-Costa
Head of Social Media Marketing, North America: Jen Haley
Director, Agencies and Creative: Maryann Bell
Associate Director, Creative Operations: Kira Moller
Associate Creative Director: Nina Louie
Senior Copy Manager: Amanda Miller
Priority Verticals Marketing Lead: Sinan Franklin
Senior Communication Strategist: Emilie Furda
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Founding Partner: Blake Marquis
Executive Creative Director, Founding Partner: Damien Eley
Managing Director, Brand & Social: Todd Lombardo
Associate Creative Director: Mars Milisic
Associate Creative Director: Kallee Abela
Director of Design: Jorge Andrade
Designer: Steven Nguyen
Motion Designer: Edgar Zavala
Strategy Director: Nicole Fuhrman
Senior Social Strategist: Harriet Riley
Director of Production: Dave Horowitz
Group Brand Director: John Line
Senior Brand Director: Irina Gilbertson
Comms & Media Strategy Director: Anthony Rocker
Associate Media Director: Alyssa DeSangro
Project Management: Iman Forde, Peanut Adams
Production Company: Panamericana Pictures
Founder, Executive Creative Producer : Eva Ruiz de Chavez 
Director: Pablo Delgado 
Director Of Photography: Juan Pablo Ramirez 
Executive Producer: Iris Torres 
Art Director: Fernanda Contreras 
Casting Director: Bernardo Velasco
Lead talent: Vicky Araciio
Costume Designer: Lorena Tinoco
Makeup Artist : Jorge Fuentes Ronquillo
Casting Director: Bernardo Velasco
Editor: Sam Baixauli
Music Composition: Antonio Castillo (Mr. Shhhh), Demian Galvez, Alberto Delgado
Post Production Company: Chemistry
Post Producers: Andrés Martínez & Ari del Castillo

Panda Express Invites Everyone to Find Moments Worth Savoring This Lunar New Year

Amanda Cosindas | Feb. 8 2021

Today we are incredibly proud to get ready for Lunar New Year with Panda Express and celebrate the launch of their short film, Traditions Shared
As the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concept in the U.S., Panda released the film today to commemorate Lunar New Year, which begins on Friday, February 12. The new three-minute film, made in conjunction with Strike Anywhere Productions and director Erica Eng, is a heartwarming story that invites the world to celebrate the traditions of Lunar New Year with Panda Express through the experience of good food, family and togetherness, especially those who might be unfamiliar with the holiday. 
“This year, we knew Lunar New Year was going to look different for so many celebrating around the country (and the world),” said Josh Paialii, Creative Director at The Many. “We felt that telling a story that could both educate those new to the holiday and still resonate with those celebrating in an unconventional way would require more of a narrative arc.”
The short film, shot safely in Los Angeles amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, follows a young boy, Jordan, through his first Lunar New Year celebration with his neighbors, The Lee’s, who celebrate every year with all of the traditional trappings of the holiday – mandarins for prosperity, authentic Chinese dishes and decorations, and of course, the giving and receiving of lucky red envelopes. As Jordan is invited into The Lee’s home to experience the Lunar New Year festivities for himself and learn about the foods, customs and traditions that surround the holiday, so too is the viewer. 
It’s not until Jordan is leaving that the film takes a twist, revealing that the celebration he experienced is actually set in the past and that this year, as many families are separated, Lunar New Year looks much different. There are fewer decorations and fewer people. We see The Lee grandparents celebrate virtually with their family members, and as the film nears the end, there is a knock at the door—in an act of socially distanced kindness, Jordan, keeps the tradition of sharing good fortune alive by giving The Lee’s a box of Panda Express Spring Rolls, symbolizing prosperity for the new year – the same dish he fell in love with during Lunar New Year many years ago. 
The film concludes with Jordan’s own family sitting around their table celebrating the holiday and not only keeping the custom alive, but also passing down the traditions of Lunar New Year to his own son around a warm and inviting table spread with a Panda Express Family Meal.
“As a family-owned American Chinese brand, Panda Express has the unique opportunity to tell culturally significant stories in a way that connects people through shared values of Lunar New year, and that’s food, family and togetherness,” and Kevin Holmes, Executive Director of Marketing Communications at Panda Express. “In approaching this short film, it was important for us to focus on authenticity for not only the holiday but also for our current times. Through the different character arcs and perspectives, viewers are able to understand the rich meaning behind Lunar New Year in a way that has never been done before. ‘Traditions Shared’ is Panda’s well-wish for our guests—that they experience the good fortune they aspire to find in this new year.”
“For a number of years, Panda Express has celebrated Lunar New Year by inviting those familiar and uninitiated with the holiday into the traditions that make it so special,” said Kylie Wu, Senior Brand Director at The Many. “We are incredibly proud to have partnered with Panda this year to support their efforts in bridging American and Chinese culture. This film brings to life what Panda ultimately stands for – progress – and we look forward to continuing that message through the stories we tell together.” 
Directed by Strike Anywhere’s Erica Eng, the behind the scenes was as intentional as the film itself. In regards to assembling the crew, Eng said, “It was important to have Chinese Americans in the roles that mattered to maintain cultural authenticity. From our production designer bringing items from her own home to decorate our sets, to our food stylist pulling inspiration from her own family’s Lunar New Year meals, we wanted to make sure our culture was portrayed as correctly as possible on-screen.”
The film is the first work since we began working with Panda as agency of record last year. It debuts today across Hulu and Panda’s social channels, and will run until February 28, 2021. As an extension of this multidimensional Lunar New Year  campaign, Panda launched an all-new digital red envelope experience, inviting guests nationwide to spread good fortune and prosperity. Furthermore, Panda Express teamed up with Joy Cho, Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy! to create limited-edition celebration kits for the whole family, now available at the Swag Shop.
Learn more about “Traditions Shared” and its creative development in this Ad Age story about the film’s “cross-cultural connection” or watch the Creativity editors review the film live! You can also catch the news at MediaPost, Shots, Little Black Book and Marketing Dive.


CLIENT Panda Express
Kevin Holmes Executive Director, Marketing Communications
Lisa Bryant Brand Marketing Manager
Paige Hasama Associate Brand Marketing Manager 
Alex Tsao Creative Design Associate Manager 
Amy Molina Sr. Digital Marketing Manager 
Jessica Chao Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Arvin Dicioco Culinary Innovation Chef 
Scott Harris Partner, Executive Creative Director
Josh Paialii Creative Director
Kylie Wu Senior Brand Director
Ashleigh Edwards Strategy Director
Svetlana Kornilova Associate Director of  Project Management 
Cameron Bell Art Director
Evan Chiplock Copywriter
Kimberly Vorse Producer
Executive Producer Victoria Guenier
Director Erica Eng
Line Producer Sarah Park 
Casting Directors Claire Koonce and Charlene Le 
1st AD Kaelan Housewright
2nd AD Jordan Zhu
Director of Photography Ben Kitchens
Production Designer Stella Deng
Wardrobe Stylist Eunice Jera Lee
Hair Carol Choi 
Make-up Cristina Waltz 
Food Stylist Anna Lee  
Script Supervisor Stacy Chu  
Storyboard Artist Tiffany Young 
Editor Bowei Yue
Music Composer Aiko Fukushima

eBay Brings The Hype With The Launch of a Social Handle Exclusively for Watch Enthusiasts

Amanda Cosindas | Jan. 27 2021

We’re excited to share the launch of eBay’s first-ever product-focused social handle, @ebaywatches, a dedicated luxury watches Instagram channel.
After eBay introduced Authenticity Guarantee for watches in September – fast-followed by sneakers the following month – it was time to create a channel just for timepiece lovers. And that’s how @ebaywatches was born – a curated channel that offers watch enthusiasts everywhere a perspective that is steeped in the language of collecting, culling together expert voices and content that showcases the stories behind the watches on eBay, and those who wear them. 
The Instagram launch is punctuated with a one-minute hype film — “Watch Me” — that debuts on @eBay’s Instagram feed and features influencers Vendela, Chase Green and Ashley Gonzales alongside everyday watch enthusiasts who all share stories behind their most treasured watch pieces. 
In response to an evolving industry, eBay’s new offering is designed to celebrate the individual for their style, taste, and passions, and underscores the brand’s approach to making the marketplace’s unparalleled breadth and depth of vintage and new timepieces relevant and shoppable for a new generation of enthusiasts and collectors.
“We’re incredibly excited to be part of bringing eBay’s first product-focused social handle to life,” said Kalee Abella and Mars Milisic, Associate Creative Directors at The Many. “From Rolex to Omega, Cartier and more, eBay Watches makes luxe finds more attainable for watch enthusiasts, so it was important to translate that into a high energy piece of content that focused on what watch lovers love the most—the story behind the timepieces.” 
As this marks the beginning of our work together with eBay, we are looking forward to what’s to come!


Rebranding An American Classic: A New Look for Bumble Bee Seafoods

Amanda Cosindas | Dec. 22 2020

Bumble Bee Seafoods is one of the most iconic brands in American history, known widely for its tuna, especially. As it was gearing up to have one of its most transformative years yet, it was time to modernize its digital presence without losing its legacy—to create some visual firepower that shows just how much the brand cares about its products and its consumers, and how well it understands what they want.
Their corporate and consumer-facing websites were the first to demand revitalization—the two central lines of communication that speak directly to the brand’s overarching values and the multi-faceted benefits of its products. With the right visual tools, we could bridge who they have been for decades with who they are today, and speak to a whole new generation of “tunaficionados.”
We began by working off of a strong brand platform that was established by our internal strategy and creative teams—“Tuna Proudly”—which influenced everything, from the brand’s entire digital presence to our Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign to Bumble Bee’s own internal office design:

With “Tuna Proudly” serving as a firm foundation, we began crafting a new visual identity for Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing brand that would convey the accessibility, approachability and sustainability central to Bumble Bee. Staying true to its legacy, we worked with a palette of rich reds, blues and other flavorful colors to create fresh brand equities for the future—updated typography, photography, animation and iconic badges that came together in a full suite of eye-popping images to develop Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing brand book:

The progressive brand evolution of Bumble Bee continued to make a splash with the launch of the all new bumblebee.com. For this new consumer website, we took a deep dive into all of the reasons why tuna is the superest of superfoods (with a mobile friendly version, of course). We also created an interactive experience for the curious and passionate—the Trace My Catch initiative—which enables people to track the source of their seafood using a special product code found on cans of tuna, salmon and sardines. The feature takes visitors to a detailed breakdown of the journey of its catch, from species to fishery location, fishing methods and vessel information, to processing and the canning process:

With its digital framework well-established, Bumble Bee was ready for the launch of its first integrated campaign in many years, and certainly the first of its kind, Yes! Bumble Bee!, a breakthrough moment reaching new audiences and showing up in places where it’s always rightfully belonged.
And while Bumble Bee’s consumer-facing expression  was refreshed, its corporate identity was also in need of revitalization. So we got to work on a catchy corporate website—thebumblebeecompany.com—a place that would reinforce Bumble Bee’s rich history where people could learn more about its commitment to sustainability and our oceans

But before the site made its way across the internet, the corporate brand book took shape. Nature-inspired photography was complimented by a palette of nautical blues, greens and coral colors to reinforce its ecologically-minded practices and mission: 

As a global seafood company, it was important that Bumble Bee’s new website reflected its commitment to the health of our oceans and those who rely on it using compelling images and education information. The site came to life across both desktop and mobile, unearthing Bumble Bee’s 120-year journey and giving it a new platform in which to exist:

Budget Blinds Makes Childproofing Look Easy in “Safety First” Spot

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 16 2020

North America’s largest custom window covering franchise, Budget Blinds, has debuted its new spot “Safety First.” The spot will air across TV, radio, and social.
As agency of record, we are excited to have hit the ground running with Budget Blinds, one of our new clients this year. 
“Budget Blinds has loved partnering with The Many on creating something that will really stand out in the industry,” Randi Baron, Brand Director for Budget Blinds. “In honor of National Window Covering Safety Month this October, we felt it was so important for families to know we offer beautiful, innovative solutions that make their homes safer for children and pets.” 
The hilarious ad features a child wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape head-to-toe and sporting safety goggles and a helmet while standing in her living room ready for her next adventure. The spot taps into parents’ natural, yet unachievable, desire to “childproof” their kid. And drives the message that Budget Blinds’ window coverings are one less thing for them to worry about.
“We needed to take a serious topic and find a way to relate to all parents as window covering safety is not top of mind for most,” said Kristin Busk, Director of Social Innovation at The Many. “And it turns out, all parents have thought about wrapping their child in bubble wrap at least once.”
As families are required to spend more time at home due to the pandemic, “Safety First” reinforces Budget Blinds’ commitment to safety and its leadership position in offering a wide selection of cordless, child-safe blinds and shades, along with state-of-the-art motorized options, that help reduce the risk of accidents or injury. 
The Many was selected as agency of record for Budget Blinds just as the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US, requiring that this new relationship and process be done completely virtual all the while building momentum to drive communications around key products and services, without the agency and brand ever being in the same room. “Safety First” is the first TV advertisement for Budget Blinds and The Many.
Watch “Safety First” below, or check it out on Ads of the World and Best Ads on TV.
And in case you missed it, Budget Blinds was also busy earlier this year giving back to essential workers during the ongoing pandemic. At a time when most people are home, essential workers are not. So Budget Blinds set out to use its powers for good by awarding eight individuals across the U.S. and Canada with custom window covering makeovers as a way of making coming home, and spending precious time at home, better for them. Take a look at the lives they touched!


Budget Blinds® is the largest window covering franchise in North America, offering custom blinds, shutters, shades, drapery, and more for residential and commercial consumers in more than 10,000 communities in the U.S. Canada and Mexico. Budget Blinds’ 900 business owners have dressed more than 25 million windows since the brand’s founding in 1992 Budget Blinds is part of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of home improvement goods and services brands. JM Family Enterprises is the parent company of HFC.
To find the Budget Blinds location closest to you, visit https://budgetblinds.com. To learn more about Budget Blinds franchising opportunities, go to https://franchise.budgetblinds.com/.

The Outshine Brand is the Next Delicious Win for The Many

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 14 2020

Frozen snack brand Outshine has selected The Many as lead creative agency following a competitive review. 
“As we continue to develop our Outshine snacks business to offer greater and more delicious possibilities to health-conscious consumers, we are excited to partner with The Many agency. The team at The Many stood out to us for their creative prowess and strategic thinking. We look forward to a collaborative partnership that is poised to elevate the OutshineⓇ brand and the frozen snacking category to new heights,” said Kerry Hopkins, Director of Marketing at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream.
The Many has already begun work on a new brand platform to drive greater business growth for the Outshine brand. The new integrated brand campaign will aim to take the brand’s creative to new levels across multiple channels, and bring the Outshinebrand strategy to life.
“The OutshineⓇ  brand is a leader positioned to push the category and develop a stronger connection with consumers, which is a challenge we couldn’t be more excited to support,” said Maggie Cadigan, Managing Director of New Partnerships at The Many.
Outshine snacks are delicious and wholesome frozen fruit bars made with high quality ingredients to refresh consumers from the inside out. With a wide variety of frozen bars and flavors including Fruit Bars, Half-Dipped Fruit Bars dipped in dark chocolate, Fruit & Cream bars and Simply Yogurt bars, the Outshine brand offers refreshing snacks made with the goodness of real fruit and juice. Outshine is a Nestlé Registered Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland, and used under license by Froneri International Limited. For more information, please visit www.outshinesnacks.com, or follow Outshine on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.