Los Angeles is starting its comeback

Amanda Cosindas | Apr. 15 2021

By safely reopening museums, indoor dining, theme parks, outdoor live events and more. Now, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board hopes to inspire lovers of L.A. to start their comeback, whenever they are ready. 
A double entendre, the comeback story is a nod to the challenges the destination has faced over the past year, while acknowledging the overflowing optimism for the future – with the campaign’s creative aiming to inspire visitors to come back to L.A. “L.A. is the place for visitors to come back to those moments of spontaneity, joy, romance, relaxation and more that were missed,” stated Don Skeoch, Chief Marketing Officer for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. 
It was important to create a campaign that presented an authentic Los Angeles experience, which is why real Angelenos who are representative of L.A.’s diverse and inclusive fabric were hand selected to be featured in this spot.
“We love being able to champion our city and give everyone a glimpse of some of its most treasured places after so long—there is so much beauty to highlight making Los Angeles an enticing place to visit,” said Dave Horowitz, Managing Director at Plus Plus, our sister agency and multi-service production company.


The Many Adds Justis to its Creative Process, Amber Justis in New Role as Head of Creative

Amanda Cosindas | Mar. 1 2021

The Many is excited to welcome Amber Justis as Head of Creative, a newly minted position following a year of unprecedented growth.
Justis steps into the role to oversee the Creative and Design departments, furthering the our expansion by investing in our most potent resource—people. With over 15 new business wins in the last year, Justis will be charged with not only continuing to push The Many’s core intent—to find creative ways to challenge what’s comfortable, allowing brands to move from inertia to progress—but also expand our ability to adapt effectively to an increasingly complex world.
The last year brought forth no shortage of opportunities to find out what “challenging comfortable” could unlock when tested, both for brands and The Many itself. Battling a pandemic, civil unrest and the reformation of an industry facing a long-overdue reckoning, we placed an even greater emphasis on our holistic approach to leadership, actionable allyship and a people-first creative culture. Justis sums it up by saying, “Every member of this unique collective of storytellers locked arms as a team and made work that was impossible to ignore.” 
“This radically independent group really gives a damn, not just about the fidelity of the work, but also the integrity by which that work is built,” Justis continues. “This team respects each other as complex beings, they speak plainly and transparently across all levels of the agency and, frankly, they deserve it. I’m here to be of service to that mission and advance this philosophy across the creative and design departments.”
As a result of The Many’s well-thought-out path to success in 2020, some incredible brands have taken notice. Our new client list includes Panda Express, eBay, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Budget Blinds, and Sweet Earth, along with a few that still remain top secret. 
Justis brings over 23 years of experience as a creative thought-leader, a longtime advocate for advancing DEI in the workplace and a hybrid skill set that’s led her to shops like BBDO, FCB and Giant Spoon, as well as in-house roles with The Wonderful Agency and Facebook. Her work to support the evolution of Barbie’s body, “Imagine the Possibilities,” helped redefine Mattel’s place in pop culture and took Amber’s passion for representation to a global stage. Justis’ previous client list also includes EA, Disney, Pom Wonderful, Intel, Teleflora, Fiji Water, Ultimate Ears and Comedy Central.
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Welcome Many Times: Say Hi to 19 New Hires

Amanda Cosindas | Jan. 4 2021

Happy New Year! With many new clients in the mix, (including Panda Express, eBay, Budget Blinds, Outshine and more!) we ended 2020 having welcomed 19 new team members to further integration, enhancing our ability to solve business challenges. 
But it was about more than just staffing up, 2020 was an opportunity to define our virtual work environment, invest in digitizing our practice, and hire the best talent regardless of location as we adapted to a new way of working amidst a global pandemic. 
“We now have total freedom to hire from anywhere,” says Amir Haque, Partner, Business Strategy and Growth. “People and teams had become more productive — in many respects — virtually, and as a result, the order of priority for how we hire has shifted. We used to hire based on experience, then location, then values, but we’ve been able to shift location to the bottom of that list, bringing experience and talent higher up the ladder.”
And now, while we still have our homes on the PCH and in Boston, we’re also now all over the world—Los Angeles, New York, Massachusetts, Portland, Seattle, Peru, Canada and Australia—which has dramatically expanded our talent pool and helped us achieve greater diversity.
Last year, we committed to change with diversity organization 600 & Rising—an agreement to not only improve, but to remain transparent. Since, we have increased diversity related to race and ethnic descent up to 40% (an overall increase of 5%) and the women now outnumber the men 55.6% to 44.4%.
You can dive deeper into our new hiring process in this story with MediaPost. But first, join us in saying hit to all of our new faces!


Project Management:
Design + Creative:

Celebrating Eight Promotions Across Design, Creative, Brand, Project Management and Operations

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 30 2020

Twenty Twenty sure has been a rollercoaster of a year for all of us. It’s required adjusting to a new way of working, challenging all that is comfortable, and confirming an unwavering commitment to our clients and each other. 
Yet throughout this wild ride, our team has continuously risen to every challenge, going above and beyond their day-to-day roles to help us end this year thriving. And to that end, we are stoked to announce not one, not two, but EIGHT promotions across The Many, and we invite you to celebrate each one of them with us! In order of appearance…

Jorge Andrade, from Associate Director of Design to Director of Design.
How long have you been working at The Many? Six and a half years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? I’ve been at The Many for such a long time and have seen it grow, evolve and transform over the years, from a project-based to fully-integrated agency. My greatest memory will always be my first step into the agency. As a fledgling designer, I felt like the smallest fish in the biggest pond. The world was my oyster and growth was limitless. As soon as I arrived, I knew The Many thrived not only on its culture, but through its talent; our people inspire me everyday.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role? I want to continue to scale and mentor our design team as we partner with new clients and organically grow existing ones. We are also taking RFPs from outside the agency-client roster to further establish our expertise and cross-department integration. The Many was started with the pursuit of creating meaningful design, and to leverage all the expertise that an agency possesses, we make informed decisions based on strategic research, analytics from media results, and big creative ideas, rather than simply from a subjective design eye—and I plan to keep pushing that vision forward. 

Maria Favela, from Motion Graphics Designer to Senior Motion Graphics Designer. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? There are so many favorite memories to choose from, from bonding over late night work sessions to casual happy hours. But I have to say, the first day I walked into the old office during the Mistress days, and remembering how excited I was to be part of a great group of people, definitely stands out as one of the best.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
To grow as a leader and keep pushing the Motion team forward.

Svetlana Kornilova, from Senior Project Manager to Associate Director, Project Management. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years. 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
My favorite moment was around a magical Christmas, and we were working on Social for a very fun project with Santa that had to go live just before he was leaving to make his Christmas Eve journey—the timeline was very precious. But as I was packaging the approved files, I noticed a typo in the animation!!!! OMG! Santa had left the building and the post was going live at 7am. So I made some calls, and the only person who wasn’t already slumbering, waiting for Santa, was a copywriter. So I picked her up and we went back to the office to fix the typo. Imagine a copywriter and project manager fixing animation! But combining our knowledge of After Effects and some Googling and YouTube tutorials, we made it and met the deadline. This is one of my favorite things about The Many, people are up for the challenge, passionate, and feel responsible for the full project and never say, “It’s not my job.” ❤️
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I want to make The Many famous for its strong Account/Project Management team so that when people hear that you’re a Project Manager at The Many, it’s a guarantee of quality and an exceptional learning experience.

Miguel Lopez, from Junior Accountant to Accountant. 
How long have you been working at The Many? One year and three months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? My fondest memory would have to be when it all started—my very first day at The Many. Right off the bat, I could see that this place was special. The energy in the building formed feelings of enthusiasm, happiness, and I could generally tell that every individual here oozed brilliance in their respective field. Honestly, I was intimidated because I didn’t think I could measure up, and assumed I might come across a bunch of individuals with egos. To my surprise, everyone ended up being so humble, warm, lovely, and kind-hearted! Those feelings quickly went away and I automatically felt like I was always a part of the family! My first day, also coincidentally ended up being karaoke night and I got the rare opportunity to witness the partners sing their hearts out to all kinds of music and the likes of Biggie Smalls, Sublime, and Queen. After that, I knew I had found my home! 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role? In my new role, I will help streamline our procedures and become more robust in my knowledge of our financial forecasting functionality. I want to continue to become a full-fledged financial liaison between our underlying subsidiaries, our Brand, Media, and Production departments. I hope to master what I’ve learned from my mentors and eventually pass down my knowledge to all of our future juniors.

Conner Needham, from Social Innovation Associate to Junior Art Director.
How long have you been working at The Many? Two and a half years.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? This is such a hard question to answer! The agency culture is beyond amazing, especially around the holidays. But alas, I have to choose—I loooove Halloween, so I would have to say seeing how the agency goes all out for this one, in particular, is quite the sight to behold. Taking client calls in costumes is the best thing in the world. Last year, I won “best costume” for staying in character ALL DAY with my rendition of the “Mother Of The Year, Karen!” I’ve even brought her out a few times in quarantine to lighten the mood. At the time, I didn’t realize how much attention Karen would be getting in 2020.
What do you hope to accomplish in your new role? In my new role, I want to continue to push boundaries creatively and make some badass, award-winning work!

Madison Merhoff, from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager. 
How long have you been working at The Many? Two years and three months.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency?
There are way too many favorite moments to pick just one! But it’s the everyday moments that I love. Looking down from the loft at the old office and seeing everyone lined up for our weekly catered lunch where everyone is smiling and chatting, or coming in on Halloween and hysterically laughing at costumes of “Old Town Road” or the infamous “Amir and the Projector” meme…those are the memories that stand out to me. It’s all of the little things that bring everyone together that make us The Many.   
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
In my new role, I’d love the opportunity to manage a Project Coordinator. I have such memorable experiences learning from all of my previous mentors, and I hope to pass on valuable knowledge and help set them up for success!

Kylie Wu, from Brand Director to Senior Brand Director.
How long have you been working at The Many? Five and a half years. 
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? I have so many fond memories to choose from, but walking into our new office on the Pacific Coast Highway for the first time felt like it was the first day of school. Seeing how excited everyone was and feeling so proud of the journey we’ve all been on to get to this next stage was definitely a special moment. 
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I look forward to continuing to lead our teams forward in creating amazing work that we and our clients can be proud to be a part of.

McKenna Petri, from Media Planner to Senior Media Planner. 
How long have you been working at The Many? One year and one month.
What is your most favorite memory since you started with the agency? 
My favorite memory is my first week in the new office! It was so much fun exploring the new space, trying out all the new spots to work (cafe, library, outside), and taking in the gorgeous views and sunsets.
What would you like to accomplish in this new role?
I have been incredibly lucky to work with amazing managers and mentors to get to where I am now. In my new position, I am hoping to refine my team management skills so that I can be as great a manager or mentor to someone else.

Vanessa Shanahan Joins The Many as Group Director, Analytics

Patrick Cambria | Oct. 12 2020

We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of our Media Services team with the hiring of Vanessa Shanahan as Group Director, Analytics. Vanessa comes on board to lead the data science and measurement solutions within the media group to measure, test, optimize, and connect in-market activity to growth and sales objectives for the agency’s client base. 
“We believe all marketing is performance based which is why measurement, analytics and data science are core to our strategic process,” said Davis Jones, The Many’s Managing Director of Media Services. “Vanessa brings diverse and rich experience to our team, deepening our expertise in each of these areas and helping our clients understand the opportunities for and the impacts of their investments.”
Vanessa has spent 14 years leading analytics to support strategy and growth for Fortune 100 and 500 brands across agencies large and small. Prior to joining The Many she served as VP of Analytics & Insight at Wunderman Thompson, leading the Social Analytics practice unit across North America, and VP Analytics & Strategy at Smarty, a social-first agency. Previously, she spent nearly a decade in the entertainment sector at MarketCast and OTX (now Ipsos) building box office projections and pre-market testing models. Her previous clients include Shell, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and various in the healthcare sector such as Align Technology, Bausch Health.
“I’m excited for the opportunity to grow our data science and analytics offering and to help our clients connect the dots between their strategies, investments and business results. I’m a believer in the power of data and digital intelligence to drive great work, and am inspired to be at a place that values that as well,” said Shanahan.
Shanahan holds a Ph.D. in Applied Quantitative Methodology from the Claremont Colleges which provided her with a bedrock of sophisticated training in complex methodology and quantitative analytic techniques. A core part of her everyday role is to make these vexing principles accessible to her clients’ brands and the agency practice to answer everyday business challenges.
Having spent 5 years living in West London, Vanessa is a forever Chelsea fan, and after making her way around the world by herself, she now resides in her hometown of Newport Beach with her husband, two sons, and their Olde English Sheepadoodle, Higgins.
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"Happy Holidays: The Many Shuts Down for Labor Week"

Amanda Cosindas | Sep. 14 2020

Well, we successfully closed our office for a full week in honor of ‘Labor Week’ — an opportunity for our staff to take a much-needed mental health break after what has been a wild year. We’ve been winning clients while staying creative as we work from home. We’ve been cranking out campaigns like this one and that one while temporarily moving across the country to manage the school year as parents. We’ve had what is proving to be one of our most challenging and simultaneously most promising years.
So, we spent some time chatting with MediaPost about just why ‘Labor Week’ was such an important action to take. From gleaning insights from our team via anonymous employee surveys to communicating with clients well in advance to plan for a successful week off. All to ensure that when we returned, we would hit the ground running, ready for a busy Fall as we plan for what’s to come in 2021.
Head on over to MediaPost to read the full story. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our clients and without the dedication of our team during such stressful and uncertain times. Thank you all.

Reimagining Labor Day as Labor Week: A Mental Health Break for Our Team

Christian Jacobsen | Aug. 24 2020

Dear friends, clients and collaborators of The Many,
As Labor Day approaches, a holiday meant to honor the contributions of workers to the achievements of our country, we are seeing things a bit differently this year. With pressures due to the pandemic increasing at work and at home, and statistics around mental health struggles rising across the U.S., we see the need to reimagine this year’s Labor Day into something bigger and more necessary. 
So we’re not stopping with Labor Day. Instead, we will close the entire agency for the entire week, September 7 to 11, no exceptions. 
We’re calling it Labor Week, a chance to provide a much-needed mental health break for our employees, and we encourage you to join us in this movement by doing the same for yours. Here’s why and what this means…

The Many Labor Day Announcement

While we proactively and creatively manage this difficult time, we ask that you please extend us the courtesy of accommodating scheduling, while knowing that when September 14th comes around, you will experience a better version of The Many, ready to face new challenges with a clear, well-rested perspective. Profound times call for profound action.
Be well,
The Many

Transparency in an Industry That Hasn’t Done Enough

Christian Jacobsen | Jun. 18 2020

In 2019, our agency went through a transformation—rebranding ourselves from Mistress to The Many. That name change was born out of a spirit and core belief that our strength as creative problem solvers is the result of our many diverse experiences, talents, backgrounds and expertise; that greatness is never achieved in isolation.
We believe that mantra has never been more true than now. And that if we are to see true progress and the dismantling of systemic racism, it’s going to take all of us, together.
It’s become incumbent upon us to look at our own name, not just as a reflection of who we are, but who we still strive to become: an agency and industry of many more diverse voices.
Our commitment to diversifying our industry begins with transparency. So we’d like to share an honest look at the fabric of our agency. Not just to be open about who we are, but to be clear in our commitment about who we must become.
Together with Six Hundred & Rising, we commit to change.
NOTE: Since this story was published, as of December 2020, The Many has increased  diversity related to race/ethnic identification overall by 5%, and the women now outnumber the men by 55%.

Five-Year Anniversaries With These Five Many-acs

Michael Chiem | Feb. 11 2020

Twenty Nineteen was a big year for us. And one of the most celebration-worthy moments was commemorating FIVE five-year anniversaries. Something we consider a really big deal. So we pulled out all stops to show our gratitude for such a valuable commitment.
Whether it was a trip to a vineyard in Mexico for our wine connoisseur, Maggie, or sending Jorge to Texas to take in the artistry and music of Austin City Limits, relaxing on a tropical vacation like Kim and Dave soon will do, or celebrating Celine’s style and “always on time-ness” with a vintage Rolex, we wanted to gift each of them with a unique and memorable experience.
Pictured (from left to right), Dave Horowitz, Maggie Cadigan, Jorge Andrade, Kim Vorse (and her dog Charlie, also celebrating five years) and Celine Faledam, reflect on their time at The Many…
Dave Horowitz, who started as junior producer in September 2014 and is now director of production:
Not a lot of companies encourage or foster personal and professional growth, but The Many does. My career trajectory is a direct result of that, and I cannot thank the partners enough for the opportunities they have provided me over the years.
Like most New York transplants, I headed West for an opportunity and the possibility of a tan. Perched along the main artery of Venice, a stone’s throw from the Pacific, with inane drum circles and atonal guitar noodling in the distance, Mistress unbuttoned her blouse to offer me both. This was a little over five years ago.
The tale of Mistress blossoming into The Many and relocating to the proper digs of a West Coast debutante is an amalgamation of countless hours of hard work and the common, insatiable appetite to succeed among many talented, creative, cool, and, above all, kind people. I am humbled to have been, and continue to be, a part of this ever-evolving carousel of characters.
I look forward to the next phase of this wild journey, but I still don’t have a tan. Maybe this year. That’s on me.
Maggie Cadigan, who started as a senior brand manager and is now leading our Boston office as managing director:
Are you sure it’s been five years?! When I first walked through the doors here at The Many, I knew this place was some kind of special. The energy, the passion, the different perspectives, the unwillingness to settle for anything but ‘great’ and the supportive kindness that was shared between each and every human. Even when we were just 25 people, it really was a recipe for something amazing.
It was only by carrying those fundamentals through the lifetime of the agency that we’ve been able to successfully shift with the ever-changing demands of the industry. These shifts have presented new growth opportunities almost daily for everyone, including me. From project-based to taking on AORs, from social-only clients to social-as-table-stakes for all, from ‘collaborating with media’ to ‘integrated and pivoting with media,’ and many more. Learning to grow with these shifts have made The Many my career rocketship. The ones that have been here this long have had no (happier) choice but to continue stepping up to every new plate ready to craft something great and, for that, I am forever grateful and eagerly awaiting the next five.
Jorge Andrade, who started as a designer in July 2014 and is now an associate director of design:
Looking back at my five years at The Many, I realize how much I’ve grown both as an individual and as a professional. If you were to ask me what the biggest takeaway from this whole experience has been, it would be to allow yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve learned that growth comes whenever you’ve left your comfort zone and pushed beyond your ‘limit.’
In addition to being a workplace where talented individuals who are driven and passionate to create good work come to play, The Many thrives in culture. I’m blessed to be able to say that coming in to work doesn’t ever feel like a drag (yes, even on Mondays). I find myself excited about the work I do and inspired by the people I get to work with. Funny thing is I didn’t think it was possible for things to get better… yet they did when we got our new office space right by the PCH. You can basically say I work in heaven and, yes, I am doing the lord’s work. Sort of.
Kim Vorse, who started as an executive assistant in September 2014 and is now a producer:
I know that to some, the idea of staying in one company for five years seems bonkers. ‘Don’t you get bored of being at the same place for that long? What about your personal growth? And development in your career?’
The short answer to those questions is that my time at The Many has been incredibly rich in opportunity and in change. I started out as an executive assistant and through patience, sheer will, and the support of the partners, was able to move laterally into the career path I knew I wanted to be in: production.
Since then, I’ve worked on some truly killer brands and cultivated a reel of work that, in a traditional agency, that would take me years to amass.
Surprisingly, my case is not entirely unique. I look at all the other five-year vets and see a group of inspiring individuals that are still here because they were also given a ladder to climb and challenges to solve that grew them into the badasses they are now. No one on that five-year rung is standing where they started.
I don’t know where the agency is headed, but I do know that The Many’s pioneering spirit of embracing change, believing in people, and lack of fear when it comes to operating outside of traditional methods of doing things will guide a new generation of five-year vets to look back and marvel at the journey.
Celine Faledam, who started as a creative in November 2014 and is now an associate creative director:
Being one of The Many as it went through so much transformation over the last five years has been golden. I look back and see how I fed off that momentum and how that momentum in turn propelled me to where I’m at today. Ha! Growth! The line moving forward and up ❤️ ❤️ ❤️! Amidst the change, relevancy — as it applies to ‘culture’ — is what’s remained a constant at the agency at its core and kept me an engaged individual, always having to adapt and thrive for what’s next. A gang of only five of us from back to the ‘startup’ days are here today with equally flourishing journeys. We now call ourselves a full service agency and there are over 90 people, all new — speak of growth and change!
Not sure about you, but we can’t wait to see what these five do next. Up up and away!

Start off the New Year on the Right…Paw

Michael Chiem | Jan. 1 2020

Happy New year! 2019 sure was full of milestones. We expanded all of our capabilities, multiplied ourselves by two and added a few new doggos as well. Oh yeah, and we changed our name! Looking back, it seems all the more appropriate we call ourselves The Many considering how much we accomplished together with our people and our clients.
You see, sometimes it seems agency years are a lot like dog years—squeezing seven years’ worth of goodness into a mere 365 days. That’s why we’ve decided to ring/bark in the new year with a special Dogs of The Many calendar, so you can keep the warm-and-fuzzies of the holiday season all year long.
Save these cute friends as your phone background and enjoy a doggo calendar FUR the rest of the year! You’ll never forget what day it is.