A Continued Commitment to Change Through Transparency

Davis Jones | Sep. 17 2021

At The Many, we believe that our strength as creative problem solvers is in the many diverse experiences, expertise, backgrounds and perspectives that inform our work and culture.
Last year, we were presented with the opportunity from 600 & Rising to be transparent about the diversity of The Many. By taking an honest look at the fabric of our agency, we were able to open the aperture on the necessary action we could take to further develop an inclusive, people-first culture.
Since then, we continue to recognize that our industry needs diverse points of view that challenge outdated thinking and ways of working, and that transparency is not just a moment in time, it’s a commitment to inclusive thinking and core to our values. Our team has grown during this last year by 100 unique individuals, and building our People team to support holistic growth has become an essential focus of our agency. While the progress we’ve made goes far beyond numbers, this annual revelation is a commitment we hold ourselves to.
And so as in 2020, we pledge to continue moving The Many and our industry forward in the spirit of transparency and inclusivity. Revealing these numbers is just one piece of a larger portfolio of initiatives at The Many and a continued priority as we move the conversation forward. 
Together with @600andrising, we still #CommitToChange.
Davis Jones is Managing Director, People, at The Many.