A Media Person and a Creative Walk Into a Bar

Amanda Cosindas | Oct. 31 2019

It seems crazy to think about now, but remember how art directors and copywriters used to work on separate floors? And then Bill Bernbach had the genius idea of putting them together and now we’re living in a revolutionary era of creative advertising?
OK, that’s a simplified version, but you get the gist.
Point is, history taught us that partnership and collaboration lead to better, more effective, more breakthrough ideas. And in an era where ideas have to do so much in so many spaces, the question arises: What’s our generation’s version of art and copy working on separate floors?
We think a big missing piece of that puzzle is media. Sure, lots of agencies are bringing media in-house (ha, turn of phrase), but not many are utilizing them to their full creative potential.
So that’s why we locked a media person and a creative person in a room and made them chat about the state of media and creative’s relationship today, hopefully getting a better understanding of how we can facilitate the next revolutionary partnership that will make industry people of tomorrow ask, “Wait, they worked separately before???”
In this Q&A for Muse By Clio, Associate Creative Director, Ashley ‘Mil’ Milhollin, interviews Managing Director, Media Services, Davis Jones, to hash out just how important it is for media and creativity to collaborate early on in the creative process to connect with people and make the most powerful advertising.
Read the full interview here.