A Modern Look for Invitae and At-Home Genetic Testing

Maggie Cadigan | Jul. 15 2020

The advancement of medical technology is empowering more and more people to take control of their health. And as one of the world’s leading genetics testing companies, Invitae set out to bring the power of genetics testing right into the homes of consumers, affordably and effectively. But at-home testing can be intimidating, which meant that Invitae needed to establish a direct-to-consumer channel with a personal approach and make a sincere departure from the sterility that is predominant in biotechnology.   
From creative to media, it was important to spark significant consumer behavior change. Alongside building a holistic, multi-channel strategic plan that included performance media, UX strategy and optimizations, analytics audit and implementation, we developed a humanistic approach using a distinctive design and a fresh tone of voice. 
Follow along on the journey to see how we crafted Invitae’s entire visual identity, from photography to illustration to animation, and brought that to life in The Many-led integrated campaigns. 
First, we began with the foundation—a brand book that consolidated the brand equities through a design and category audit and established a fresh aesthetic. Using personable photography and warm colors like mulberry and yellow, we guided Invitae through a progressive brand evolution that challenged category norms—a necessary risk to reach its new B2C audience. We also worked hard to ensure all web-based work met ADA compliance through thorough testing and adjustments to vibrancy, contrast and readability:

Inclusive photography was critical in establishing Invitae’s approachability—a conscious effort to reflect the world at large and bring to life a look and feel that was more relatable and less like traditional biotech. Through an elevated portraiture, we were able to set the standard for a new aesthetic that maintained a level of seriousness with a welcoming, human touch:

Next up was bringing Invitae to life out in the world by way of its first-ever fully integrated campaign. We established new brand equities using visuals, typography and graphic elements and introduced a new tone-of-voice across the entire user journey and full marketing funnel. Within the first 30 days of our launch, paid channel performance improved by 66%, and in just two months, we had established a long term paid and analytics infrastructure for the brand’s DTC channel. From Q3 2019 to Q1 2020, our integrated work led to sales KPI performance increasing five times over:

Finally, we created a comprehensive illustration toolkit that translated the photography and new brand aesthetic into an easy to follow guide for creating visual graphics and animations. The toolkit included paper dolls that can be easily dressed up and moved around to create various looks, settings and situations relevant to Invitae:

In the end, we were able to bring a personal feel to a highly complex, medical technology, elevating Invitae as a trusted and approachable brand that is able to provide its consumers with the life-changing information and confidence necessary to take charge of their healthcare.
Maggie Cadigan is Managing Director, Boston and New Partnerships, at The Many.