A New Chapter: CareCredit’s “I Can” Campaign Evolves with Synchrony & The Many

The Many | Oct. 6 2023

The health financing narrative takes a fresh turn as Synchrony collaborates with The Many, unveiling an enhanced “I Can” campaign for CareCredit. Steering away from the traditional barriers related to ‘cost of care,’ the revamped campaign echoes the sentiments of proactive and aspirational health and wellness.
The creative strategy for the campaign also had to evolve to keep pace with the shifting consumer landscape. “We’re focusing on aspirational visions for health and wellness, not just immediate needs,” says Josh Paialii, Head of Creative at The Many.“With CareCredit, we’re painting a picture where consumers navigate their health journeys confidently,” remarks Tim Donovan, Synchrony’s CMO. A standout, the “True Love” spot, adds a whimsical layer, emphasizing that health care knows no bounds—be it humans or pets.

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