AIGA LA Guest Speaker Jorge Andrade on Diversity in the Workplace

Amanda Cosindas | Jul. 10 2020

Tomorrow, Jorge Andrade, The Many’s Associate Director of Design, will be the guest speaker for AIGA LA’s Community Meeting focused on diversity in the workplace.
AIGA LA is committed to building a well-connected design community to have a stronger impact on society. Their community meetings are an “opportunity to connect with like-minded creative professionals, learn new skills, and discover new relationships and opportunities within the creative community.”
The event is free and will take place at 11:00AM PDT. Click here to register, and here’s a preview of what to expect:
“Join us from the comfort of your couch as we chat with award-winning designer Jorge Andrade, Head of Design at The Many Agency in LA. The Many recently shared the diversity of their workplace and committed to change along with Six Hundred & Rising. We’ll be discussing what an inclusive creative culture looks like and how to build it.”
To get to know Jorge a bit more prior to the event, read his story about being a Dreamer under the DACA program and how his experience as an immigrant amidst the ongoing shifts around immigration policy has shaped who he is today.