Amber Justis Named to Adweek Creative 100

Ashley Milhollin | Jun. 7 2021

What happens when your Head of Creative is named one of Adweek’s Creative 100? First, you freak out (and maybe, probably, definitely pop some champagne). Second, you undergo the extremely difficult process of culling down the zillions of things you love about her down to just 100 to celebrate the news.
Even though it feels like Amber has been with The Many since the dawn of time, raising us all by her gentle, encouraging hand, she’s actually been sharing her creative genius all over the place for a multitude of agencies and clients, creating culture-influencing, ground-breaking, world-shaking work.

Remember that time Mattel undertook the massive evolution of Barbie from “busty doll” to “badass role model” with the “Imagine The Possibilities” campaign? Amber was there.

"Nothing gets me gassed up more than the exchange of energy and ideas between human beings. Continuous evolution is the goal and my greatest joy is helping other creatives connect to that same flow state in themselves. We all carry that potency. We just need someone to see it in us and make space for it. I am so blessed to see it all around me, every day at The Many. The amount of talent and opportunity we’ve amassed takes my breath away and we’re only just revving the engine.” - Amber Justis, Head of Creative, The Many.

And while Amber’s brain gives us genius, Amber’s heart gives us everything else. Whether it’s a personal shoutout during our all-agency meetings that just make you feel seen or the relentless dedication she gives to the team throughout the creative process (and what a process that can be), Amber shows up in a way that is genuine, real, awesome and inspiring. And a bunch of other things but we’re running out of character space. 
So, from all of us at The Many (and especially the creative and design departments that bask in your light on the daily) – Amber, congratulations on being part of the 2021 Adweek Creative 100!
We love you 100 x infinity.
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