An Introvert's Manifesto on Leadership by Jackie VanSloten

Blake Marquis | Jun. 21 2021

We’ve witnessed remarkable pieces from the team since the start of our Voices at The Many program. Jackie VanSloten, who previously had a piece published by Muse by Clio last year, has returned to Voices, and Muse, with another insightful piece.
Penned as an introvert’s manifesto on leadership, Jackie details her realization of being a true introvert, analyzing what industries stand to gain by spotlighting and empowering introverts more and how working from home as a result of COVID-19 helped introverts truly shine—a social experiment that taught us all a lot about our counterparts.
Click on over to Muse by Clio to take a journey through Jackie’s point of view and learn how an introvert sees and navigates the corporate world.

Jackie VanSloten is a Media Director at The Many