BioSteel Welcomes Christen Press to the Team

Rik Patenaude & Scott Ellman | Jul. 6 2021

With a roster consisting of the top U.S. athletes in their respective sports – Patrick Mahomes, Luka Dončić and Ezekiel Elliot to name a few – BioSteel added one of the world’s best female athletes to the team. Introducing U.S. Women’s National Soccer team star, Christen Press.
To celebrate the moment, BioSteel and The Many released a “press conference” in which the two-time world champion announced that she was taking her talents to Team BioSteel.
Made specifically for social, the video was a unique way to highlight Christen’s announcement by utilizing her last name as the perfect ideation springboard. Leaning into this idea of a “Press” conference, BioSteel was able to celebrate her addition to the roster with a concept that couldn’t be replicated for any other BioSteel athlete.

Transitioning from the “press conference,” we captured a year’s worth of content, in just a four-hour shoot day, featuring Christen Press in her element: showcasing her real effort and real talent to underscore the real difference of BioSteel. The work is part of a larger organic strategy to leverage BioSteel’s marquee-sponsored athletes to help the brand create a best-in-class social presence that drives brand awareness and relevance in a way that is unique to BioSteel.
“By capturing footage of Christen in a variety of training and playing contexts, we were able to create a library of conceptually driven assets in the edit that align with BioSteel’s social pillars,” said Scott Ellman, Copywriter at The Many. “Once created, the conventions that we developed for Christen can now be used with footage of BioSteel’s other sponsored athletes in order to cultivate brand equity through content that resonates with next-generation athletes,” added Rik Patenaude, Art Director at The Many.
Head to BioSteel’s Instagram to join in on the celebration, watch the press conference and see a sneak peek of what’s to come from BioSteel and Christen Press.