Budget Blinds Spot Breaks Free From Category Monotony with a Colorful Spin on Hit Song “Little Boxes”

Blake Marquis | Mar. 30 2021

Home is more unique to you than anything else in the world. Which is why Budget Blinds believes that personal space should feel personal. 
But categorically and culturally, home decor is often treated as anything but personal. The world of window treatments can be awash in a sea of sameness—perfectly-posed vendor stock assets and monotonous nomenclature. But Budget Blinds’ latest spot, “More Than A Box,” by The Many, challenges the status quo while proving that their individualized service, that covers far more than blinds, is anything but same-old-same-old. 
In “More Than A Box,” Budget Blinds’ unique variety of custom window treatments become much more than beautiful set dressings. Working hand in hand with Budget Blinds EVP, Product Development and Strategy, Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds and The Many elevate windows into a starring role as the main character in each individual’s story, telling a vibrant, quirky, expressive and fun tale about the special moments and sense of relief that only happens at home.
 “Budget Blinds is known for style and service for every budget, and this campaign helps truly illustrate that not only do we appreciate our customers’ style, but we partner with them to help bring it to life through beautiful, customized window coverings,” said Heather Cates, Senior Brand Director, Budget Blinds. 
“Colloquially put, even though it’s got four walls and holds all of your things, your house is so much more than a box,” said Ashley Milhollin, Associate Creative Director at The Many. “For our creative approach, we didn’t want to just set our story in a beautiful home, we wanted the decor to telegraph a story about the lives of the people inside.” 
Musically, the spot takes a song made famous for its political mockery of suburban conformism, “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, and turns it on its head to celebrate the idea that within four walls, everyone has an opportunity to celebrate their individualism. Re-recorded by sibling duo Beth Lowen and Sam Lowen, the track transforms the song’s familiar line, “And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same,” to “And they’re all made fully customized, none will ever look the same.” Alongside the spot, Budget Blinds subtly challenges the notion that people have to live—or decorate—just the same.  
Tomorrow director Drew Kirsch was carefully selected to call the shots for his dynamic background directing both ad campaigns and music videos that are effervescent and colorful for the likes of Lennon Stella, John Legend, Rüfüs Du Sol and Taylor Swift including the pop star’s “You Need to Calm Down,” a showcase of retro-inspired diversity. Kirsch’s musicality and visual execution bring each home to life as characters in their own right. 
The campaign debuted March 29, 2021, and includes a :60 spot with :30, :15 and :06 across connected TV, digital video, social, streaming audio and podcasts. Last Fall, Budget Blinds released “Safety First,” a hilarious ad by The Many for its child-safe blinds and shades in honor of National Window Covering Safety Month. The spot features a child wrapped in bubble wrap and duct tape head-to-toe, sporting safety goggles and a helmet while standing in her living room ready for her next adventure.
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