Bumble Bee and Foodbeast Reinvent Favorite Regional Recipes

Blake Marquis | Oct. 2 2020

Bumble Bee Seafoods, the quintessential tuna brand of home kitchens across America, has partnered with leading food news and media website, Foodbeast, to re-imagine regional favorites throughout the country.
With Foodbeast as an authority on wild and unique recipes, the results with Bumble Bee include Miami-style arepas that have been tricked out with tuna to create irresistible Tuna Melt Arepas, and iconic Los Angeles street dogs fully immersed in Bumble Bee to come up for air as Tuna ‘Street Dogs.’ Everything else in between is a guaranteed head turner, all based on the idea of rethinking what canned tuna can be in the hands of intrepid and fearless home cooks, and placing tuna exactly where it rightfully belongs.
The line-up  also includes time-saving techniques for Tuna Salad Bagels and Tuna Hash Burritos to start the morning off in a fantastic fashion (or any time of the day, really). And if you didn’t think you could flip a Dirty Martini into a Tunatini, the answer is Yes! you can. Bumble Bee has done just that and even accompanied it with Tuna Crostinis. Now think about that concept without raising a pinky up.
The Foodbeast collaboration reinforces the notion that Bumble Bee tuna is a versatile, nutritious food choice with creative deliciousness in mind, and is just following the recent launch of Bumble Bee’s newest advertising campaign, Yes! Bumble Bee!, created in partnership with advertising agency The Many (that’s us!), which is the first in years for the brand. The campaign in its entirety gives viewers the chance to watch along as tuna is used in new and innovative expressions.
With Bumble Bee Seafoods tried and true reputation joining forces with Foodbeast’s perspective, the world’s original perception of canned tuna is now a blank canvas for just about anyone willing to create their own out-the-box interpretations of home-cooked favorites, whether it be these recipes or your own vivid creations that make you scream, Yes! Bumble Bee!
To watch all of these recipes come to life, visit Bumble Bee’s Facebook page or go to Bumblebee.com for even more.