Bumble Bee Debuts “Good For You,” a Campaign Disruptively Challenging Tuna Perceptions and Celebrating Tuna Lovers

Blake Marquis | Mar. 15 2022

Today, Bumble Bee Seafoods announces the debut of a bold new advertising campaign designed to recruit the next generation of tuna lovers by dispelling category perceptions and inspiring new usage ideas. The campaign, entitled “Good For You”, offers a simple, memorable expression of not only the culinary and nutrition story behind tuna, but also an acknowledgement of the amazing authenticity behind the people who love what tuna does for them.
“At Bumble Bee, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to eat well, no matter what. The idea of democratizing wellness is what inspired us to confront the reasons why younger generations often do not choose tuna today,” said Jeanine Lewis Canales, Vice President and Head of Marketing at Bumble Bee. “Our research shows that this is often because younger generations don’t view tuna as versatile, nor fitted for their foodie aspirations. Sometimes they even forget how good tuna is for them. We set out to create a disruptive campaign that takes those challenges head on in a fun, engaging way.”
The “Good For You” campaign, developed by The Many as Bumble Bee’s advertising agency of record, was created in partnership with rising star director, Ashley Armitage, who has garnered worldwide attention for her quirky style and desire to push the boundaries of the expected. “Good For You” delivers impactful imagery and a progressive outlook that continues to propel Bumble Bee forward as a brand committed to defying category expectations. “Good For You” debuts today across connected TV, digital video, social and search.
“This campaign continues to establish Bumble Bee as a category leader by bridging together different generations to inspire new tuna lovers,” said Adam Flanagan, Creative Director. “We wanted to showcase the authentic passions enjoyed by a diverse range of people who embrace their unique interests to the fullest, all while touting the many health benefits of Bumble Bee tuna.”

The Many was also responsible for “Yes! Bumble Bee!™,” the brand’s 2020 breakthrough advertising campaign which invited the world to re-think shelf-stable tuna. The campaign, Bumble Bee’s first in years, was a key driver toward the brand’s noteworthy recognition as one of YouGov.com’s “Most Improved U.S. Brands for 2021,” a ranking based on brand health data. Within the 2021 calendar year, Bumble Bee saw a +14.3 points lift in brand awareness, a +4.4 points increase in brand consideration and a 6% sales lift in the campaign media markets.
Today, the iconic 120-year-old seafood brand is nowhere near slowing down. In addition to the new “Good For You” advertising campaign, the brand is enjoying a host of new brand, product and sustainability news:
A new brand essence based on the company belief that delicious, nutritious and sustainable food should be accessible to all. Refreshed packaging designs will roll out on store shelves throughout 2022.
New product innovations including the evolution of the Bumble Bee Prime™ product line to include “Protein on the Run™” snack kits and an expansion of the Bumble Bee Prime™ line of gourmet canned tuna and salmon products.
– A continued commitment to sustainability, including work to continuously improve how the company sources, produces, and packages its products. The company will release its annual Seafood Future sustainability and social responsibility progress report in June 2022, including sharing updates on progress in the areas of sustainable fishing, safe and fair labor practices and improving the health of our oceans. Bumble Bee’s designation by YouGov as a Top Improver for 2021 confirms that sustainability is indeed at the forefront for consumers, with the YouGov report stating: “Bumble Bee renewed its company commitment to restoring and protecting the world’s oceans in areas where it sources its tuna.”
The new “Good For You” campaign and brand identity, coupled with additional product innovations coming throughout 2022, are important milestones on Bumble Bee’s continued brand evolution. To view the “Good For You” campaign, visit BumbleBee.com and for sustainability and social impact news, visit TheBumbleBeeCompany.com.
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