Bumble Bee Reels in Flavorful Lunch Prep with Stop Motion Animation

Blake Marquis | Jul. 23 2021

Following Bumble Bee Seafood’s Yes! Bumble Bee! campaign that put tuna in unexpected places but, frankly, where it rightfully belongs, Bumble Bee is back with more deliciousness. This time, we’re bringing tuna to life using stop motion animation in “Tuna Penne, Pronto” and “Mediterranean-Meets-Albacore Salad.”
Especially when working in the office or remotely (or let’s face it, juggling kids and pets), lunch often consists of whatever can be thrown together quickly or delivered between meetings. But sometimes, we all find ourselves with a bit more time to enjoy the spoils of a well-prepared midday meal.
Whether you’re time-crunched or time is on your side, our latest work for Bumble Bee shows us all how Bumble Bee offers something all lunch lovers can appreciate—speed and versatility.
The series of :15 and :06 stop motion shorts feature sonic landscapes that reinforce the benefits of Bumble Bee. Whether that means enhancing your quick pasta lunch with lemon pepper flavored wild-caught tuna or introducing delicious wild-caught albacore to your Mediterranean salad, these quick stop motion videos don’t just stimulate the appetite, they connect with consumers on a subconscious level – communicating ‘speed’ and ‘versatility’ through sound.
With The Many’s media group at the helm, the work is currently airing across paid social channels including Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram with animated banners running programmatically.
Catch the work below, and don’t forget to check out the Tuna Penne, Pronto recipe from Bumble Bee if you find your stomach growling.


Client: Bumble Bee Seafoods 
SVP Brand Marketing, Daniel Hofmeister
VP of Brand Management, Jeanine Lewis Canales
Director of Marketing – Brand Management, Jeremy Zavoral
Director of Marketing, Dana Kowal
Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Anna George
Agency: The Many
Executive Creative Director, Partner, Damien Eley
Creative Director, Adam Flanagan
Associate Creative Director, Annie Johnston
Associate Creative Director, Ashley Milhollin
Copywriter, Bryce Pangman
Art Director, Harper Biewen
Designer, Patrick Cambria
Managing Director, Brand and Social, Todd Lombardo
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Pamela Lloyd
Senior Brand Director, Kevin Fuller
Senior Project Manager, Madeline Gali
Project Manager, Tori Landin
Group Strategy Director, Melissa Cabral
Director of Social Strategy, Harriet Riley
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Producer, Kimberly Vorse
Senior Producer, Morgan Menco
Assistant Production Coordinator, Connor Bland
Director of Communications, Amanda Cosindas
Managing Director of Media Services, Davis Jones
Group Director of Analytics and Strategy, Vanessa Shanahan
Analytics Lead, Sean Desmond
Group Media Director, Alex Barnes
Media Director, Jaclyn VanSloten
Associate Media Director, Caroline Tambling
Media Supervisor, Anissa Sanders
Senior Digital Planner, Katie Sullivan
Media Planner, Catherine Nguyen

Production Company: Ancient Order
Director and Executive Producer, Jack Zegarski
Director and Executive Producer, Kyle Arneson
Production Manager, Rachel Powell
Storyboard Artist, Jeff Bounthavong
Storyboard Artist, Dante Tumminello
Animation Director, Quique Rivera
Animator, Jackie Cadiente
Animation Assistant, Mengxi Yang
DP, Charles Schner
First AC, Luca Cioci
Gaffer, Jared Berman
Still Photographer, Liz Ehlers
Photo Assistant, Peter Koocheradis
Prop Stylist, Amy Chinelli
Prop Stylist Assistance, Francesca Gabrielle
Prop Stylist Assistance, Dorothy Hoover
Art Assistant, Andrew Wright
Food Stylist (Stop Motion) Marah Abel
Food Stylist (Photo), Joanna Holbek
Food Stylist Assistant, Jason Stroh
Food Stylist Assistant, Yash Dhillon
Editor, Matt Mariska
VFX Artist, Andrew Babick
VFX Artist, Larry Ho
Colorist, Stephen Arkle
Sound Designer and Mixer, Alex Ball
PA, Henrik Larsen