CareCredit’s “I Can” Campaign is Back

Blake Marquis | Apr. 6 2022

Health(care) and wellness! In 2020 we built awareness for our client, Synchrony, and its health and wellness financing solution, CareCredit, by developing its presence on social media, showing up with engaging actions and empowering our audience with a message, “I Can” do what is best for you when it comes to health care and wellness, and relevant tools in a system that often makes them feel left behind.
The campaign is back in 2022 with six new :15 short films providing glimpses into the world of people using CareCredit to say “I Can” get the care I need across different health and wellness verticals, including cosmetic, dental, pet care, vision, and more.
The “I Can” campaign brings to life the idea of patient empowerment through an eye-catching visual identity and tone of voice that is unexpected from finance and healthcare brands and helps set CareCredit apart from competitors.
Whether you’re already a cardholder or new to CareCredit, people are experiencing the impact CareCredit is having on their live Whether you’re just learning about CareCredit or using it for the umpteenth time, CareCredit allows you to hold on to the feeling of freedom that comes when you’re able to put yourself, or your pet, first.

“The heart & soul of the ‘I Can’ campaign is the feeling of freedom that comes when you’re able to put yourself first. It’s an exciting time to put this work out into the world because no other financial institution or health related product is showing their users in this light. We were able to reimagine what someone might be feeling after post face-lift, or that feeling of a first kiss when you have a mouthful of braces. There’s no shame in it – there’s only pure, unquestionable joy,” Conner Needham, Art Director.

“Affording essential—let alone elective—healthcare can be complicated, overwhelming, and psychologically taxing. And as healthcare access is an important topic in national public discourse, it was exciting to work on a campaign inspired by the emotion that comes along with finding financial solutions to accessing care.” Emma Turetsky, Copywriter. 
The continued purpose of the “I Can” campaign is to drive awareness and consideration of CareCredit. The healthcare and wellness brand is more than just a one-off, just-in-time, emergency-focused product — it is a smart, ahead-of-time, solution-centric brand that empowers consumers to take uninhibited ownership of their health & wellbeing, and get the care they want and need.
Client: CareCredit
Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Donovan
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Tuck Ross
Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Robin Shulman
AVP Consumer Marketing, Holli Christopher
AVP Social Media, Tom Curtin
BLP, Marketing, Taylor Fabiani
Agency: The Many
Group Brand Director, Kylie Wu
Brand Supervisor, Allie Plantery
Sr. Project Manager, Madeline Gali
Executive Producer, Chloe Scott
Producer, Ailbhe Fitzpatrick
Creative Director, Ashley “Mil” Milhollin
Art Director, Conner Needham
Copywriter, Emma Turetsky
Designer, Steven Nguyen
Animator, Gianni Arone
Animator, Scott Woodburn
Director of Social Innovation, Kristin “KB” Busk
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Group Strategy Director, Alexandra Brown 
Production Agency: Reverse
Director, Romain Quirot
Executive Producer/Founder, Thibaut Estellon
Line Producer, Chris Palladino
Production Manager, Rico Grillo
1st Asst. Director, Lynn Norton
DP, Jean-Paul Agostini
Photographer, Shayan Asgharnia
Editorial + Finishing: Plus Plus Productions
Editor, Alex Morrison
Editor ,Mike Bertin 
Post Producer, Andrew Illson
Executive Producer, Trevor Paperny
Colorist, Jospeh Bicknell (Company 3)
Color Producer, Katie Andrews
Online Editor and VFX,  Jerry Spivack
Online and VFX Producer, Shelli Jury
Mix, John Bolen Formosa
Assistant Editor, Edouardo Wienskoski