Carter Baker on Why You Shouldn't Fear the Arrival of iOS 14 - Just Educate and Adapt

Ty Gates | Apr. 30 2021

On Monday, April 26, Apple rolled out its headache-inducing (for the media industry) and long-awaited iOS 14 update. If you are big on Facebook marketing for your company or clients, then you’re familiar with the challenges this update may pose for your efforts on the platform.
As part of iOS 14, the new App Tracking Transparency feature will require marketers to adapt. Now, consumers can control which apps are allowed to track their activity across other companies’ apps and websites. Consequently, those who opt-out will see fewer personalized ads which means a smaller data pool for advertisers and attribution gets more difficult. Queue dramatic sound effect.
Our very own Carter Baker, Associate Director of Digital Media, sat down with Digiday’s Kristina Monllos on Friday, April 23 to discuss what this all means and how our media team at The Many is responding to this industry change.
You can check out Carter’s feature in Digiday and if you have any questions regarding the arrival and impact of iOS 14, reach out to us.