Connected in Movement this Valentine’s Day with lululemon

Blake Marquis | Feb. 14 2022

With 50% of Valentine’s Day gift giving going towards relationships that aren’t romantically defined, lululemon chose to introduce its 2022 Valentine’s Day gift guide by documenting non-traditional training duos including couples, best friends, and everyday colleagues:

Gia + Jasmine (Dating, BFFs, Training Partners)

Easton + Alex (Life Partners, Sparring Partners, Training Buddies)

Zabie + Dr. Shena (Work Wives, Healers, Trauma-Informed Yoginis)

Danielle + Tarik (Fiancés, Yogis, Adventure Seekers)

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Whether through yoga, training, or being out and about, there’s a special synchronicity and energy created when two people move together towards a common goal. lululemon is showcasing the brand’s fundamental role in supporting these special bonds via its carefully designed activewear.
“It was cool to feel represented in a Valentine’s Day campaign I was writing for, thanks to the casting of real-life couple Easton of Alex, since we typically only see straight couples during this season,” states Mason Douglass, Senior Copywriter.
Designers Madelyn Avjean and Shina Kim-Avalos spearheaded the creative direction of the Valentine’s Day campaign, complementing the campaign’s visuals with treatments of radiating hearts and fine lines to suggest connecting in movement.
“It’s always inspiring and exciting when clients give us the opportunity to showcase ‘non-traditional’ relationships in our work. Being able to tell our story of connected in movement with real couples and friends really helped bring the story to life in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise,” said Madelyn Avjean, Designer.
By dynamically showcasing these authentic expressions of people connecting in movement, we reflected a truer picture of human love and are inspiring a more inclusive gift-giving experience.
“This campaign allowed us to tell a story about what a connection between two people really looks like, versus the conventional Valentine’s Day love story. To have captured that story in work that is also intended to be very product-centric (e.g., what we created for the e-commerce assets) was a balancing act, but the outcome was very rewarding,” said Shina Kim-Avalos, Designer.
Lululemon guests will see The Many’s Valentine’s Day work (a total of about 650 visuals were created!) across lululemon’s website and weekly e-letters, paid social across Facebook and Instagram, and Google’s social marketplace in addition to other online avenues.
Give the gift of training, practicing, and being together this Valentine’s Day <3.

Client: lululemon athletica
Creative Director, Pat Young
Creative Copy Manager, Arrabelle Stavroff
Sr. Integrated Marketing Manager, Evelyn Law
Project Manager, Jennifer Saunders
Men’s Stylist, Courtney Cho
Men’s Stylist, Heji Rashdi
Women’s Stylist, Hilary Russell
Women’s Stylist, Jessica Clark
Casting Manager, Amanda Munoz
Casting Coordinator, Amanda Rozak
Global Ambassador Casting Lead, Alex Duckworth
Danny Peterson (Blackout Ronin)
Agency: The Many
Sr. Brand Director, Tori Matthews
Project Manager, Erica Mahorney
Designer, Shina Kim-Avalos
Designer, Madelyn Avjean
Senior Copywriter, Mason Douglass
Copywriter, Maddy Harkness
Executive Producer, Chloe Scott
Creative Director, Julie Liu
Creative Director, Simone Nobili
Photographer: Jackie Beale
Production Company: Kim Lansill Production