eBay Opens the Vault for New Watch Sellers’ Series

Blake Marquis | Jan. 26 2022

Following the success of its Old School Meets New School social-first content series, eBay returns with the premiere of its newest series for @ebaywatches, the eBay Sellers’ Club. In the first installment, a four-minute short film, three luxury watch experts—Rich Reichbach of Time Titans, Oren Charisky of La Jolla Jewelry, and Eric Ku of LA WatchWorks—discuss and showcase some truly breathtaking timepieces. From trailblazing designs like the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to modern marvels like the elusive Rolex Rainbow Daytona, the trio goes deep on their personal favorites and their experience buying and selling watches on eBay.
Part of the intrigue of getting into high-end timepieces as a hobby, or a business, is access to “the room”—a theoretical place where experts convene talk in big numbers and tiny details as they masterfully assess inventory worth untold thousands; inventory they know more intimately than anyone else on this earth. If anyone is equipped to create an analog of this mythical watch club, it’s eBay; the marketplace where watch-worshippers have been convening for over a quarter of a century.
Plus Plus, the sister agency and multi-service production company of The Many, shot Episode 1 inside a decommissioned bank vault located within The Reserve, a venue dating back to the 1920s in downtown Los Angeles, CA.
Surrounded by millions of dollars worth of vintage, modern, and ultra-rare luxury timepieces, Eric, Oren, and Rich flex with their most prized pieces in “the room” as the fascinating and far-flung conversation showcases not just their encyclopedic knowledge of luxury watches, but their deep passion for the pursuit. 
eBay is constantly finding new ways to deliver curated content and new insight to enthusiast communities through our platform. We designed the ‘Sellers’ Club’ series to share a fresh perspective from industry icons,” Tirath Kamdar, GM of Luxury, eBay. 

For the uninitiated, the world of luxury watches can be shrouded in mystery, and seemingly out of reach. But for genuine watch enthusiasts—eBay buyers, sellers, and perennial oglers—these timepieces are an obsession, each one with its own story. The rich history, intricate mechanical movements, and unparalleled craftsmanship make high-end watches a lifelong passion; one that demands deep, detailed, intensive discussion.
“The world of luxury watches is so esoteric—the history, prestige, and scarcity that contribute to the, sometimes astronomical, values,” said Amy Matheu and Jacque Vavroch, Associate Creative Directors, The Many. “We wanted to crack open that world, giving viewers a chance to breathe rarified air and learn a thing or two, or fifty, from some of the biggest names in the game.”
Segments of eBay Sellers’ Club Episode 1 will air in :15 second clips across paid social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while the four-minute short film will be hosted on @eBaywatches Instagram and eBay’s YouTube page. Targeting will be prioritized to reach current and past eBay watch sellers and lookalikes to drive increased consideration of eBay as a destination to sell luxury watches.
Client: eBay
Social Lead, Luxury Watches, Renata Salazar-Costa
Associate Creative Director, Nina Louie
Social Media Community Manager, Sami Huda 
Social Media Community Manager, Nancy Phatsaphaphone
Social Lead, eBay Core, Jordan Lampe
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Account Manager, Lauren Hopkins
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Director of Creative and Social, Maryann Bell
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Head of Operations and Production, Kira Moller
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Media Manager, B. Kumar
Manager, NA Consumer Communications, Sammy Zola
Agency: The Many
Group Brand Director, John Line
Senior Brand Director, Rediate Tekeste
Associate Brand Director, Emily Hambleton
Project Manager, Jin Laqui
Creative Director, Kate Digilio
Creative Director, Mars Milisic
Associate Creative Director, Jacque Vavroch
Associate Creative Director, Amy Matheu
Senior Art Director, Frank Garguilo
Senior Designer, Sarah Burley
Senior Designer, Stephen Jablonski
Motion Designer, Gianni Arone
Group Strategy Director, Andy Craig
Strategy Director, Nicole Fuhrman
Social Strategy Director, Jessica Bedussi
Head of Production, Dave Horowitz
Senior Producer, Kim Vorse
Senior Producer, Sana Bawania
Media Director, Anthony Rocker
Talent Manager, Kisha Madrid
Production Company: Plus Plus
Managing Director, Dave Horowitz
Head of Content / EP, Trevor Paperny
Director, Mike Marshall 
Producer, Benjamin Scott
Director of Photography, Eric Robbins
Production Designer, Holly Trotta
Editor, Robert Frenette
Editor, Mike Bertin
Color, Loren White
Sound Design and Mix, Mike Noise