eBay Turns the Dial on Watches with New Series ‘Old School Meets New School’

Blake Marquis | Aug. 26 2021

EBay’s new social-first content series, Old School Meets New School, kicked off today with episode one. The series brings together two vastly different icons—one old school, one new school—to dish over their shared, yet different, love for watches. The series is created in partnership with independent agency The Many. 
From historic brands like Rolex and Audemars Piguet to burgeoning industry newcomers, true watch enthusiasts love to rave over their collections. In the first episode, fashion icon Iris Apfel, who turns 100 years old on August 29th, and Grammy-nominated, new wave rap artist Lil Yachty, come together in conversation to highlight how we can connect over things we love no matter how different we may be. As Apfel and Yachty show off their favorite timepieces, the viewer sees how watches transcend genders, generations, styles, and cultures. 
Known for her trail-blazing, iconic status, Apfel has followed her instincts and artistic vision for decades, regardless of what others had to say, and Yachty follows the same set of rules today, presenting himself to the world as only Yachty can. The unlikely pairing showcases that timepieces aren’t just statement accessories, they present an opportunity for individuality and ambition to thrive in spite of generational differences. 

In the 60-second film, Apfel explains to Yachty that she accessorizes her wrist with “a mix of high and low, an expensive watch with a bunch of tacky little bracelets.” In staying true to the series’ name, Iris asks Yachty if he partakes in wearing two watches at a time–a fad that is popular in rap culture and Hollywood but dates back to the ‘70s and more commonly the ‘80s. 

“eBay is a destination where vintage, contemporary and new inventory, as well as sellers and buyers, can come together to share a passion for watches. We’re living in a time where all things related to culture and fashion are starting to blend and be redefined by newcomers,” said Conner Needham, Junior Art Director at The Many. “This pairing of Iris and Yachty brings two unlikely icons together who have a shared passion for redefining trends. They opened up to each other about their love for luxury watches, which naturally showcased eBay as the go-to destination for all styles of timepieces.”
Staying true to The Many’s mission to challenge comfortable, “Old School Meets New School” was eBay’s invitation for talent to be vulnerable and look past the objects we all desire and more into what value they bring us. The new series showcases how even the most visibly public people can connect when they encourage each other to embrace authenticity.
Episode one is now live on the @ebaywatches Instagram channel.
The series is the next move for eBay as it expands its social community. Since January, eBay and The Many have launched the brand’s first-ever product-focused social channels dedicated to specific verticals—@ebaywatches and @ebaysneakers—and have crafted a content portfolio that celebrates some of eBay’s top-performing categories and further establishes eBay as a category leader. At eBay’s new channels, enthusiasts can dive deeper into the unique language and culture associated with collecting and cultivating one’s most beloved possessions, and the one-of-a-kind buying experience eBay has to offer. 
Previous work from eBay and The Many this year includes: 

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