eBay’s More the Merrier Gift Board Launches the First-of-its-Kind Holiday Wishlist Sweepstakes on Pinterest

Blake Marquis | Nov. 10 2021

This holiday season, eBay encourages everyone to browse more things, find more deals, and get more to unwrap by creating eBay’s More the Merrier Gift Board—a holiday-themed Pinterest board filled with nearly 100 items, including the hottest products and best deals. 
From hosting to gifting, people are already using Pinterest to organize their holiday planning. It’s where savvy-gift givers go to find what they want to give and what they want to add to their own wish list. And with holiday being the most popular search category on Pinterest, it makes it the perfect place to reach people who want to get more and gift more for the holidays.
This novel Pin-to-Win sweepstakes calls visitors to pin items and create their own Pinterest holiday wishlist boards. The more they pin, the more chances they have to win!
The sweepstakes kicks off today, November 10th, with nearly 100 product Pins featuring eBay’s most-wished-for items just as users begin to shop and plan for the holidays on Pinterest.

The campaign launches on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, inviting eBay fans to enter the sweepstakes with a simple click through to the More the Merrier Gift Board.

The real fun begins on Friday, November 19, 2021 when Wendy Nguyen, Anita Yokota, and Amber Kemp-Gerstel aka Damask Love will be added as collaborators, bringing three of the most exciting online personalities in fashion, home decor, and kid’s activities to help boost awareness and excitement around the sweepstakes. Each creator will make their own wish list using pins from eBay’s More the Merrier Gift Board, allowing users to rearrange the board to show the favorite products of the influencers.

From left to right: Wendy Nguyen, Anita Yokota, Amber Kemp-Gerstel

The contest ends at midnight on Cyber Monday (November 29), so make sure you Pin-to-Win this holiday season. Three grand prize winners will receive everything they Pin and dozens of others will win a single item from their board!
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