Engines Roaring: ‘Between 2 Rides’ Season 2 Has Premiered!

THE MANY | May. 31 2023

Motorheads, it’s time to rev those engines – Season 2 of our award-winning web series, Between 2 Rides, has just premiered! Launched this morning, the season’s first episode has already set the pace for an exhilarating journey that promises to be bigger, bolder, and even more electrifying than the last.
On eBay Motors’ YouTube channel – a platform that we’ve proudly grown to over 160K+ subscribers – Between 2 Rides returns to deliver a deep-dive exploration into the intricate world of automotive culture. Packed with insightful commentary, captivating visuals, and an extra layer of fun, the series aims to be an exciting journey that any car enthusiast will appreciate.
This season, we’ve ramped up the excitement with the addition of Emelia Hartford. Bringing her unique perspective, extensive knowledge, and undeniable passion for all things automotive, Emelia promises to infuse the series with an entirely new level of energy.
You can experience this thrilling journey by watching the first episode, available now on YouTube. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – we’re already in high gear for the rest of the season. With more exciting episodes on the horizon, the journey is just getting started.
Stay tuned for more updates, remember to subscribe to eBay Motors’ YouTube channel for the latest episodes, and above all, enjoy the ride! Buckle up, because Between 2 Rides Season 2 is ready to take you on a wild journey through the ever-fascinating world of automotive culture.
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