From SnackNation to Caroo: A New Way to Show You Care

Amanda Cosindas | Sep. 16 2020

We are excited to welcome SnackNation back to The Many family! And even more excited to help turn the healthy snack delivery company into Caroo as they enhance their digital capabilities to offer “better-for-you” products for employees and folks at home. 
During our last go around with the healthy snack delivery service, we worked together to build a brand identity for packaging and external communications. Through typography, graphics, photography, and color we were able to codify and convey the depth and breadth of the SnackNation brand.
This time around, we are back at it to help establish a new brand identity, and even a new name. You see, Caroo means ‘care’ without being too obvious—a subtle nod to the importance, especially now, of showing someone just how much they mean to you, whether that’s an employee, coworker, family member or friend.

Our team of designers, creatives and strategists, worked hand-in-hand with the amazing team at Caroo to bring this forward-thinking brand to life, from carefully selected colors to typography to photography that nurture joy and sophistication, just like the services Caroo has to offer. In addition to its existing product suite under SnackNation, Caroo will offer three principal lines: Nourish, Inspire + Connect and Concierge, all focused on premium snacks and beverages.
So, in celebration of this new adventure together, we invite you to learn a bit more about our SnackNation team, and what better way to do that than to gather around the virtual snack bowl and share their favorite snacks?!
You can also read more about Caroo and how snacking habits continue to change amidst COVID-19 in Forbes.