"Happy Holidays: The Many Shuts Down for Labor Week"

Blake Marquis | Sep. 14 2020

Well, we successfully closed our office for a full week in honor of ‘Labor Week’ — an opportunity for our staff to take a much-needed mental health break after what has been a wild year. We’ve been winning clients while staying creative as we work from home. We’ve been cranking out campaigns like this one and that one while temporarily moving across the country to manage the school year as parents. We’ve had what is proving to be one of our most challenging and simultaneously most promising years.
So, we spent some time chatting with MediaPost about just why ‘Labor Week’ was such an important action to take. From gleaning insights from our team via anonymous employee surveys to communicating with clients well in advance to plan for a successful week off. All to ensure that when we returned, we would hit the ground running, ready for a busy Fall as we plan for what’s to come in 2021.
Head on over to MediaPost to read the full story. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our clients and without the dedication of our team during such stressful and uncertain times. Thank you all.