In Adweek’s AAPI Creative Spotlight, Josh Paialii Inspires Future Storytellers

Blake Marquis | May. 26 2022

We can’t say it much better than Adweek, The Many’s Group Creative Director, Josh Paialii, “intimately understands the power of culture nuance.”
Perhaps that stems from his background as a professional Polynesian dancer — he often says, there are few experiences more vulnerable than performing wearing a lavalava, dancing nearly naked on stage, an act that translates effortlessly to the art of the pitch. Josh not only leads creatively for clients like Panda Express and Chameleon Coffee, but he is also often at the creative helm for new business opportunities, performing and winning.

“I always had a passion for creative storytelling, the sharing of cultures and inviting people to watch and experience something entirely new to them,” Paialii told Adweek.

His work on Panda’s two Lunar New Year campaigns, “Traditions Shared” and “The Good Fortune Arcade” are only one piece of Josh’s forward-thinking approach — he leads teams with compassion and passion for the creative pursuit of solving business problems in innovative ways, and he brings important conversation forward to the industry, like his recent leadership in a panel discussion for Creative Week on the topic of diversity in casting.
In Adweek’s AAPI Creative Spotlight, learn more about Josh and his perspective on representation and inclusion, what he’d like to accomplish this year, and who exactly is his ideal client.