Jens Stoelken Chosen as Rebel Jury Judge at Creativepool's Annual 2023 Awards

The Many | May. 31 2023

Exciting news from The Many! Our founding partner, Jens Stoelken, has been honored with a selection as a judge for the prestigious Rebel Jury at Creativepool’s Annual 2023 awards. This notable appointment acknowledges Jens’ exceptional talent and expertise in the advertising industry and the consistent creative excellence he brings to The Many.
Launched in 2019, Creativepool’s Rebel Jury has carved a unique niche in recognizing inventive and courageous work that sometimes slips under the radar in more conventional award programs. The panel represents a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, from advertising and design to technology, and Jens’ addition only enriches this diversity.
At The Many, we wholeheartedly embrace a culture that values innovation, disruption, and creativity. We believe in challenging norms and never settling for ‘comfortable.’ Jens’ appointment to the Rebel Jury reflects this commitment, showcasing our agency’s dedication to pioneering ideas and the power of bold thinking.
As Jens lends his unique perspective to celebrate outstanding creativity and innovation in the industry, we look forward to the insights and experiences he’ll bring back to The Many. Once again, our collective spirit of challenging the status quo is being recognized and celebrated. Stay tuned for more as we continue to make waves in the advertising world!