Josh Paialii Discusses Super Bowl Ad Trends with Campaign

Blake Marquis | Jan. 25 2022

The big day, arguably one of the biggest days in advertising, also known as the Super Bowl is approaching. The Los Angeles Rams (The Many HQ’s home team by proximity) headed to Tampa over the weekend and put an end to Tom Brady’s season.
While we all wait to see who the final two teams are, the advertising industry is in the kitchen cooking up great creative to showcase to the world during the game. As a result, Josh Paialii, Group Creative Director, chatted with Mariah Cooper of Campaign US to discuss ad trend predictions he thinks we’ll witness.

Josh shares his thoughts on how brands should steer away from COVID “we’re all in together” messaging and instead focus on comedy and humor for storytelling. Fan of TikTok? So is Josh, and he thinks brands will lean into that phenomenon.
Head on over to Campaign to check it all out!