Kristin Grant on how Championing Accessibility can Drive Business Success

Blake Marquis | Mar. 31 2022

In the words of Kristin Grant, “Accessibility isn’t just another buzzword. It’s a societal shift toward creating tangible access for all to the things that have been kept behind lock and key. Each push toward more accessibility challenges the status quo.”
For her first-ever Voices of The Many piece published on Ad Age, Kristin explores how as we enter our new normal, one of the major societal shifts we’re seeing is that people are pushing for accessibility to be the norm across all categories and ways of life. Moving us from a culture of exclusivity to inclusivity. The desire for accessibility has found its home in pop culture, fashion, tv, and even tech. It’s clear that the next frontier for accessibility will be one that directly impacts brands and businesses, both internally and externally, as we as a society move through the great resignation and into a more accessible world.
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Kristin Grant is a Brand Strategist at The Many