The Many is Turning Labor Day Into Labor Week, Again

Maggie Cadigan | Aug. 19 2021

For the second year in a row, The Many is observing Labor Week. We are reinventing a day that was meant to honor hard work and turning it into an entire week.
Because at The Many, we Give A Damn about our work and our people. We infuse a high degree of passion and energy into everything we do. Which means that, sometimes, everyone needs a little break.
Labor Week is an annual commitment to our team. It’s an opportunity to step away from our screens to reset and recharge. It’s a week devoted to taking time and space to honor our well-being, in whatever way we choose.
And it’s an invitation for everyone to join the conversation about mental health.
Labor Week means that when we return, we can continue to deliver excellence, for each other and our clients, to keep moving the world forward.
And when we come back, we’ll be better versions of ourselves, ready to face another year. The RTB’s will hit harder, the strategies will be more strategic, and the challenges more uncomfortable, (just the way we like them).
We’ve been planning ahead for this week, since last year, actually, so that we don’t miss a beat. We are grateful to our partners who have planned ahead with us in support of Labor Week.
We look forward to seeing everyone when we return, with a renewed sense of passion. You can also learn more about Labor Week and The Many’s mental health initiatives in this Ad Age story.
Happy Labor Week.
Be Well,
The Many
Learn more about The Many’s first Labor Week in 2020 here and here.