Maggie Cadigan Talks on the Resurgence of Summer Marketing Campaigns

Ty Gates | May. 6 2021

After nearly a year and a half of missed experiences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the states across the country are starting to open up just in time for one of the best seasons – summer!
As consumers start to plan their summer excursions, agencies across the United States are being tapped by clients to develop exciting and engaging campaigns that resonate with any and everyone.
Maggie Cadigan, our Boston-based Managing Director of Growth, spoke with Kristina Monllos of Digiday to discuss how our team is thinking about the next few months to ensure we’re creating work that truly encapsulates the feelings of returning to normalcy.
In the article, Maggie noted her insight into upcoming summer campaign messaging, “It’s all through the lens of experience and the collective experiences we’ve lost.” 
During the interview, Maggie went on to say, “My money is on work this spring and summer falling in a more emotional space, bringing people back to what they’ve been missing for the last year, versus continuing to focus on sanitizing and cleanliness — that’s table stakes at this point. Especially when it comes to tourism, the emotional pull is, come here to find yourself and what you love again.”
You can learn more about the industry’s approach to summer marketing and catch Maggie’s feature over at Digiday.
And if you’re excited about the comeback to normalcy, check out this work from Plus Plus, our sister agency and multi-service production company, for the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. Los Angeles went through a lot over the past year. What was once one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the United States (with the most sunshine, arguably), Los Angeles lost its allure a bit due to the pandemic. The campaign shines a bright light on the authentic Los Angeles experience to inspire visitors to come back.