Mason Douglass Explores Yasstice for Green M&M

Blake Marquis | Jan. 26 2022

Following the January 20th news that Mars Wrigley, makers of M&Ms, was editing the appearances of some of its chocolate characters, Mason Douglass, Senior Copywriter and co-lead of the Pride at The Many ERG, disagreed with the change to Green M&M.
Through our Voices of The Many program, Mason is calling for yasstice for Green M&M. In his recently published in Muse by Clio, he explores why the de-yassification of Green M&M is a hate crime against the queer community.

“The narrative I’m choosing to believe is that the de-yassification of Green M&M was the result of a well-intentioned, but culturally out of touch, internal team at MARS (ala Pepsi/Jenner-gate) attempting to future-proof themselves against being canceled for oversexualizing Green M&M. But, unfortunately, knocking her down a couple inches by removing her gogo boots did far worse and riled up the one audience with the most cultural cashey when it comes to how celebrities sashay: the LGBTQAI+ community.”

Click on over to Muse by Clio to get more insight into Mason’s views on the matter and if you’re feeling philanthropic, Robert Diep, junior designer, created this Yasstice for Green M&M NFT. Mason and Robert will be donating the proceeds to GLAAD in Green M&M’s name.

Mason Douglass is a Senior Copywriter at The Many
Robert Diep is a Junior Designer at The Many