Nestlé Toll House is Delivering On-Demand Freshly Baked Cookies in Washington D.C.

Blake Marquis | May. 13 2021

Nestlé Toll House has been doing something unique in Washington, D.C. – piloting freshly baked cookies delivered to residents. Yes, you read that right. Those delicious cookies enticingly packaged in the vibrant yellow wrapping that catch your attention at the grocery store are being freshly baked every day and delivered to folks in D.C.
The pilot has been successful, and now, Nestlé Toll House is making freshly baked cookies an on-demand experience in the nation’s capital. As everyone makes their way outside this spring, Nestlé Toll House wants D.C. to be able to enjoy freshly baked cookies at home or at select delivery spots via a quick QR code scan.
For two weeks, Nestlé Toll House cookie lovers in D.C. will be able to engage with guerilla placements (wild postings, stickers, posters, drink coasters, etc.) featuring the well-known Nestlé Toll House branded yellow. As a result, neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. have turned into on-demand delivery sites for Nestlé Toll House cookies. Areas around the White House and Capitol Hill, East D.C., Howard University, and Petworth and Brightwood neighborhoods will have Nestlé Toll House wild postings.
The cookies are freshly baked every day in a local D.C. kitchen by the Nestlé Toll House team of bakers and delivered through delivery platforms UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates.

An on-demand activation of this caliber challenges consumers to rethink their accessibility to Nestlé Toll House, a brand whose history includes the invention of the chocolate chip cookie itself. Through the ongoing Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery and this local activation, Nestlé Toll House has turned a page and stepped into the lifestyle arena by meeting consumers where they are as they live.
“On-demand delivery is more relevant than ever as consumers expect and deserve immediate access to their favorite treats,” said Stephen Dysart, Brand Strategy Manager at Nestlé. “Nestlé Toll House, the brand behind the original chocolate chip cookie, continues to innovate by providing the ultimate convenience of freshly baked cookies delivered on-demand to your doorstep. We’re energized by the positive feedback from D.C. cookie fans so far and excited to continue building the best cookie delivery experience.”
The activation also includes a chance to win the value of a year’s worth of free delivered cookies. The Nestlé Toll House Cookie Hunt Sweepstakes (#CookieHuntDC) will give residents of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia the opportunity to enter through the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery site. Entrants can also scan a QR code on any of the placements around the city to be directed to the entry form. For those that may miss out on this activation, rest assured that the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery will continue to operate indefinitely in Washington, D.C.
“Everyone thinks of Toll House cookies as something you bake at home,” stated Frank Garguilo, senior art director, and Noah Sacksteder, senior copywriter, at The Many. “With a quick scan of a QR code, the when and where you can enjoy freshly baked Toll House treats isn’t confined to your home. The Many is helping Nestlé Toll House tap into that possibility in an unexpected and hyper-localized way.”
While Washington, D.C. has been the incubator for the Nestlé Toll House Cookie Delivery, the brand plans to bring the offering to other major markets throughout the country. Freshly baked cookies delivered to you are coming!
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