Panda Express and The Many celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with good fortune for all

The Many | Jan. 17 2023

In just over a month-long celebration of Lunar New Year, Panda Express is offering the internet good fortune in the form of free menu items (lucky dishes!), $8 discounts on Panda Family Meals, and restaurant gift cards ranging from $88 to $888 (the luckiest number of all). All guests have to do is try their luck with the Good Fortune Scratcher! 
Developed by The Many and development partner dotdotdash, the Lunar New Year Good Fortune Scratcher is a web-based, lotto-inspired scratcher game that not only offers instant prizes for all who plays, but also educates players around the many traditions and icons of Lunar New Year. With over 2,000 stores nationwide, Panda Express believes in the power of bridging both Eastern and Western cultures, and helping those uninitiated with the holiday learn about some of its traditions and customs; all the while encouraging everyone to come together around the dining table with those we love — a tradition we can all connect with.
In addition to the Good Fortune Scratcher game, The Many developed over 40 unique static and animated content pieces for IG and TikTok that not only encourage guests to play the game, but truly make coming together around Panda Family Meal an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed during this time of year.  
In the two years prior, The Many and Panda Express have collaborated together to create Traditions Shared, a brand film that told the story of a young boy being invited to his neighbor’s Lunar New Year celebration, creating a lifelong memory and connection between the two, as well as The Good Fortune Arcade — a nostalgia-inspired, 8-bit video game where you can earn restaurant discounts by collecting lucky dishes stolen by the holiday’s fabled mythical antagonist — Nian. 
Though each year brings new themes and cultural insights, what remains consistent in the work is the opportunity to make Lunar New Year a holiday that is resonant, approachable, and inspiring for all. “Nothing says Lunar New Year like a delicious meal filled with family, traditions, good food and good fortune,” said Jacque Vavroch, associate creative director at The Many. “And nothing says good fortune like a good ol’ fashioned scratcher — so we were thrilled to bring all these elements together in one celebratory, gamified experience.”
In just three weeks, the Good Fortune Scratcher has surpassed all benchmarks, with roughly 1.2M unique visitors and counting having played the game, and over a 100,000 redemption codes for lucky dishes and family meals having already been redeemed. 
You can visit and try your luck today! 
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