Todd Lombardo Discusses Flexibility and the Future of Hybrid Work with R/GA

Ty Gates | Aug. 11 2021

In April, we shared our plans to reinvent agency work culture and create a new future for everyone. As we forge ahead with a hybrid agency culture and challenge outdated conventional wisdom, The Many is eliminating the traditional workplace rules around where, when, and how we show up to work by empowering our people to decide when and how they work. 
“Our team can work from wherever they like, and we also won’t be dictating hours when our teams will be working or must be in our HQ or a hub,” Todd Lombardo, Managing Director, Excellence at The Many.
Following his interview with Adweek, Todd recently spoke with our good friend Erik Oster, associate director of marketing and communications at R/GA, to discuss the future of flexible work. Their conversation unpacked the steps we took to develop a virtual-first model that empowers our team to work when, where, and how they want.
Head over to R/GA to read the piece and check out what The Many, We Are Rosie, McGarrah Jessee, and The Agency Sherpa had to say about retaining talent, making the jump to flexible work culture and the impact that decision has had on employees.