Scott Bradfield Sheds Light on the Evolution of Ad Agencies into Entertainment Units in AdAge

The Many | Jul. 7 2023

In the ever-evolving advertising world, agencies are starting to look a lot like entertainment units, diversifying their revenue streams and staking their claim in content creation. This trend signifies a notable shift in our industry, and Scott Bradfield, Managing Director of The Many Studios, recently shared his insightful perspective on this topic with AdAge.
In the article, Scott underscores how agencies like The Many are taking on the mindset of content creators and storytellers. We’re moving beyond traditional marketing and advertising and harnessing our creative skills to produce narratives that truly resonate with audiences.
But this transformation isn’t in isolation—it’s an organic integration of our agency’s creative capabilities with content creation. At The Many, content creation isn’t seen as a separate function but a holistic, integrative approach, weaving together our inherent creativity and storytelling expertise to craft engaging relatable content.
Scott’s conversation with AdAge provides a fascinating look at this trend and how The Many is leading the way in this evolution. We encourage you to delve deeper into this exciting shift by reading the full article here for a comprehensive understanding of Scott’s insights and a wider perspective on the dynamic changes in the advertising industry.