Start off the New Year on the Right…Paw

Michael Chiem | Jan. 1 2020

Happy New year! 2019 sure was full of milestones. We expanded all of our capabilities, multiplied ourselves by two and added a few new doggos as well. Oh yeah, and we changed our name! Looking back, it seems all the more appropriate we call ourselves The Many considering how much we accomplished together with our people and our clients.
You see, sometimes it seems agency years are a lot like dog years—squeezing seven years’ worth of goodness into a mere 365 days. That’s why we’ve decided to ring/bark in the new year with a special Dogs of The Many calendar, so you can keep the warm-and-fuzzies of the holiday season all year long.
Save these cute friends as your phone background and enjoy a doggo calendar FUR the rest of the year! You’ll never forget what day it is.